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Sunday, September 25, 2005

99 Word Review: Martha Behind Bars

She's icy! She's crafty! And now, she's a felon! Cybil Shepard plays domestic diva Martha Stewart-again- in Martha Behind Bars tonight on CBS. And I can't decide whether her flatly emotionless performance is a spot on imitation- or just bad. The movie has no true surprises or interesting revelations (Martha gets strip searched! Martha eats shit-on-a-shingle in the mess hall! Martha smuggles nutmeg in her bra!), and comes off predictable and, well, silly. Along with the lackluster ratings for her daytime Martha and her nighttime Apprentice, it appears America's fascination with Stewart is waning. And that's a good thing.

TVGeekspeak Rating: 2 test patterns out of 4

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