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Friday, September 23, 2005

CSI:99 9/22/05

Here's Pusher's 99 word recap of last night's CSI.

Warrick's married, Catherine's pissed, Nick's PTSing, Grissom's sporting the ugliest hat imaginable - all while solving three crimes.

A cheating couple in a trailer are run over and blown-up. Jealous spouses ruled out, turns out a drunk neighbor launched his car over a gas main and through the trailer.

A scantily-clad stripper wannabe gets tossed from a party bus. Her thoughtless stripping instructor is innocent but a homeless man is guilty - killing her for stealing $10 to get home.

And Sara and Greg prove a junkie killed his dealer and innocent date for cocaine filled gooey-buns.

Welcome to Season 6.

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