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Monday, September 26, 2005

Peacock Sharpens Razor Blades; Execs Ready Cyanide

Thursday nights on NBC are now Must Flee TV.

Viewers are now abandoning the 'cockers Thursday offerings in droves. The premiere of Everybody Hates Chris on UPN even tied with the one hour premiere of Joey on NBC. UPN! Tying NBC in a Thursday time slot! How impossible would that have sounded two years ago?

Meanwhile, CBS' CSI trounced The Apprentice, and the stunted preview of Criminal Minds (with Mandy friggin' Patinkin, fer chrissakes) even beat the long-in-tooth ER.

Aside from the surprising success of My Name Is Earl, there's not much to be proud of over at NBC these days.

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  • Even though it is the UPN network, I was a little disappointed to have missed Everybody Loves Chris. I've never understood why they can't re-air their new shows at 2am so that I can TiVo the ones that I can't get to at prime time, but this season might be different. You have the reairing of Lost, which ABC can say is due to the hurricane, but we all know it has more to do with the success of destination lost last week and now you can actually download Everybody loves Chris on Google Video, but only for a limited time. http://video.google.com/chris.html

    By Blogger Discfree.com, at 10:18 AM  

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