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Friday, October 21, 2005

O-Hell-N for Dish Subscribers

Add the Dish Network to the growing list of providers fed up with OLN's hockey chicanery.

The satellite company, owned by Echostar, yanked the network from its system after the cable channel failed to provide them NHL games without advanced notice.

Again, the real source of the tension is that EchoStar has placed OLN in a higher-priced channel package by Dish Network, which is distributed to fewer viewers. OLN no likey that setup, and is withholding games to systems that do that.

I say, puck 'em all. (Betcha didn't see that one coming!)

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  • The real source of tension is that OLN is contractually obligated by the NHL to increase the number of homes that recieve the network, otherwise, they will have to pay a penalty. And if OLN adds MLB, NFL or the NBA, they have to pay that fee to the NHL anyway.

    Dish Network has traditionally been the satelite service to NOT have when it came to sports. Only recently did the get the MLB, NHL and NBA packages. In New York, they remain the only cable or satelite service to not carry the YES Network, which carries Yankees and Nets games.

    And the biggest insult is that they run ads about how Dish carries the NFL Network, which does not carry any live regular season or playoff games. NFL Sunday Ticket, is exclusive to DirecTV until I believe 2011.

    Back to the OLN / NHL situation. While Dish and Cablevision are yet to give into Comcast's demands, OLN has quietly been added to basic tiers on some smaller cable systems since the hockey season begun.

    Now I have Cablevision, and likely have no hope. I bet that Comcast is trying to tie in the OLN distribution situation with their new Mets-led network, SNY. Comcast, while not the majority owner, will be running the network. Cablevision has little incentive since they already own the local rights to all 3 NYC area NHL teams through the 2020's.

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