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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Parents Television Council Releases Annual Attempt To Neuter Tube; Nation Yawns

The 40 Year Old Virgins at the Parents' Television Council have released their annual best and worst list.

It's not based on quality (or you'd see quite a different list), but rather what these TV Nazis deem "acceptable fare" for children. They couldn't even come up with ten shows they'd let their kids watch. Did they even try? God forbid a child hears a watered down joke on TV, containing language tamer than what they hear on any playground in the nation.

You can waste your time reading their rationale on their website if you want. Meanwhile, I've posted their list below. For the record: I don't think I could sit through an entire episode of anything on their "best" list (with the possible execption of the surprise inclusion Everybody Hates Chris.

I will say this: The War At Home does, in fact, rightfully belong on any and every list containing the word "worst" in the title.


1. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ABC/8:00 Sunday – Returning show
2. Three Wishes NBC/9:00 Friday – 1st season
3. American Idol Fox/Returning in spring ’06
4. The Ghost Whisperer CBS/8:00 Friday – 1st Season
5. Everybody Hates Chris UPN/8:00 Thursday – 1st Season
6. Reba WB/9:00 Friday – Returning show
7. Bernie Mac Fox/8:00 Friday – Returning show
8. Dancing with the Stars ABC/Returning in spring ‘06
9. 7th Heaven WB/8:00 Monday – Returning show
10. Not available (these prudes can't find 10 acceptable shows on all of TV? Not even Degrassi?).


1. The War at Home Fox/8:30 Sunday – 1st Season
2. The Family Guy Fox/9:00 Sunday – Returning show
3. American Dad Fox/9:30 Sunday – Returning show
4. The O.C. Fox/8:00 Thursday – Returning show
5. C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigation) CBS/9:00 Thursday – Returning show
6. Desperate Housewives ABC/9:00 Sunday – Returning show
7. Two and a Half Men CBS/9:00 Monday – Returning show
8. That ‘70s Show Fox/Returning in November ‘05
9. Arrested Development Fox/8:00 Monday – Returning show
10. Cold Case CBS/8:00 Sunday – Returning show

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