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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bodies Piling Up In Primetime

The networks' preoccupation with sex and potty talk has masked another trend: blood-n-guts.

...we gotta get our tittilation somehow...

...heh heh.. he said 'tit'...

During the last week of September, there were 63 dead bodies visible during prime time, more than double the same week last year.

Here are some examples of horrifically violent programming:

Bones: badly decomposed body hangs in a tree. Crows pick on the remains. Maggot-covered head falls off. Nanny 911 promo airs.

Supernatural: Man drowns in a sink. But in a cool, 18-34 sorta way.

CSI: NY: victim falls off skyscraper, hits ledge, large chunk of bloody flesh falls to the street. Unfortunately, it doesn't belong to Melina Kanakaredes.

Inconceivable: woman hits windshield, bleeds on ground, show continues.

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