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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

E's Simple Life Is Actually Pretty Friggin' Complicated

Just when we thought we were rid of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie forever, E! has picked up new episodes of their former Fox show The Simple Life.

... ballsy move... expensive, ballsy move, E!ficionados...

At $800k an episode, It will be the most espensiv show in the history of the network. They've also rigged some gimmick, apparently, so the two ex-buds don't have to appear on screen together.

... um... then what's the fucking point?...

The new season will have Hilton and Richie each running a household. Their host family will decide which of the two did a better job each week.

... how totally lame... the only possible reason to watch a fourth season of this one-joke turkey would be to see the two claw each other's eyes out... they'd do well to keep the separation as quiet as possible...

Oh, and speaking of the flogging-a-dead-horse first three seasons of the show: E! has also acquired their repeat rights.

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