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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

FCC Still Wants To Fuck With Cable's Shit, Yo

The FCC is once again hot to regulate cable network content.

They want an a la carte pricing system established, as well as a family friendly tier. They're also threatening to hold cable networks to the same standards as the broadcast networks.

... ok, look... censorship for cable makes no sense... people want it, they pay for it... if not, cancel it... but I will say that even though it would devastate the cable industry, I dig the idea of a la carte pricing... I hate paying for channels I NEVER watch... We... HSN... CMT... YES... I'd happily pay for the 35 channels I watch... but it would undoubtedly drive many marginal channels out of business and off the air... oh, well, not my problem...


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  • How can you be for a la carte pricing. Most of the cable companies that would not exist.

    Plus it would cost the same or more. This is from a 7/16/04 USA Today article about a la carte pricing.


    "...Cable firms said that a mandate that subscribers be able to order channels individually, instead of in the bundles that operators offer now, would doom many networks and raise prices.

    The National Cable & Telecommunications Association made some of the most dire predictions, citing a study it commissioned from Booz Allen Hamilton.

    The report says that operators would have to spend up to $34 billion for additional digital set-top boxes to enable a la carte pricing, which would raise consumer prices by about $12 a month. Operators also would have to pay more to install and maintain the extra gear even as they make less on local ad sales.

    Cable operators and programmers add that a la carte would sharply cut the audience for many networks. That would cut their ad and licensing revenue even as they have to spend heavily to market themselves to consumers nationwide, says Viacom, which owns Nickelodeon, MTV, BET and other networks.

    Viacom, citing a report from Economists Inc., says the average monthly price a channel would have to charge cable operators could grow to $3.39 per subscriber from 38 cents. The result, it says, is that consumers could end up paying the same $40 per month they now pay for dozens of channels to get just five expanded basic channels along with basic service.

    Some established channels say they'd die. Court TV says a la carte pricing "would put the channel out of business." Many subscribers don't even know its name, and Court TV says it, like many basic channels, depends on consumers channel-surfing.

    Meanwhile, Lifetime Entertainment Services, owner of the Lifetime channel, says a la carte would hobble TV diversity. It was able to expand the reach of its 6-year-old Lifetime Movie Network from 14% of households in 2000 to 46% today by giving viewers the chance to sample it as part of an expanded-basic package. The network's launch would have been "more risky, if not impossible" under a la carte, it says...."

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