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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nightly Hits The Interweb

NBC News will soon begin offering NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams online, in its entirety.

... anyone else shocked it took them this long? ...

It will be made available, along with an archive of previous newscasts, starting November 7. The show will be posted at 10pm eastern (after its West Coast feed is done). Segments from the broadcast will be broken up and separated by a single 15 or 20 second advertisement.

... of course... too much to ask for it to be commercial-free... but at least it's commercial-lighter ...

NBC is the first to offer its full evening newscast online. CBSNews.com, CNN.com and ABCNews.com all allow users to watch individual segments separately.

... it's basically free web programming... expect more networks, and shows, to follow...

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