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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rachael Ray Stabs Buddy Danza In The Back

Looks like Rachael Ray's gain is Tony Danza's loss.

Her new show is getting picked up for a fall launch by many stations carrying The Tony Danza Show. In fact, she's knocking big T off two of his strongest stations (in NYC and Philly).

... jeez, if you thought the Danza show was mostly unwatchable- and believe us, it is- five hours a week of the overly perky quasi-chef will be completely indigestible...

This could mean curtains for Danza, who has been fading fast in the ratings.

Danza and Ray are TV buddies, having appeared on each other's shows.

... not anymore... let's get those two in the ring... hey Rachael, go for the head!...

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