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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sports Networks Love To Spend- On You

You shell out big bucks for your cable bill every month. But which networks are returning the favor?

Mostly, sports networks.

ESPN shows the most love, for you, of any network, spending an estimated $26 per subscriber. Fox Sports Network is second, at $14.42 per.

... man, sports rights are overpriced... how much higher can they go? and what network will rightfully pay? ...

TNT comes in third at $9.27, thanks also to sports (NBA) but also its high rated (and high priced) original programming like The Closer and Into the West.

... I'd shell out for Kira Sedgwick, too ...

The average amount each cable network spent on you? Less than 8 bucks each.

... cheapskates...

Here's the full top 10 spending cable networks:

2. Fox Sports Net
3. TNT
4. USA Network
5. TBS
6. Nickelodeon
7. MTV
8. Lifetime
10. FX

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