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Thursday, November 17, 2005

There She Is... Right Next To The $9.99 Seafood Buffet

After 84 years in Atlantic City, the new-look Miss America pageant is moving to the Las Vegas Strip, organizers announced Wednesday.

... finally, a new way to class up Vegas...

It will be the first time the contest has been staged outside Atlantic City, N.J. The Aladdin hotel-casino will host the pageant, scheduled to air Jan. 21 on cable channel Country Music Television.

... wait- it's on CMT? Whoops... I forgot. Forget that "class up" comment fro a few lines back...

The pageant has been losing viewers- and cash- in recent years and was dropped by ABC last year. It was the first year since 1954 Miss America didn't have herself a pretty little network TV contract.

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