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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005 Geekies: Lost, Most Overrated Show

Sure, I look forward to watching it as much as the next TV geek. Never miss it. Heck, I even hate letting it sit in the DVR for any longer than an hour or so.

But more and more, I'm wondering... why?

Of course, I'm talking about ABC's mega-hit Lost. Sure- it's gripping drama. It's also, without question, the most overrated show on TV.

Heresy, you say? For me, it's simple: a show this popular, with this much potential, shouldn’t seem like it’s making up crucial plot points on the fly every week. An underground bunker with a doomsday machine? A 55 minute wait to see a fat guy give away peanut butter? Six mysterious numbers that mean everything, yet nothing? Feh.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m hooked. Fascinated. Maybe even addicted. But it ain’t brilliant. Actually, it's becoming more clear every week that the creatives behind this show are a bit lost themselves. Focus, people! How about answering a few lingering questions before introducing new ones?

Sure, there are good episodes. Great ones, even. But I guess I just expect more.

In fact, with the ever declining quality of sister show Alias, one wonders exactly what the enigmatic J.J. Abrams is spending his time doing. Certainly, he’s not brainstorming where this show’s storyline is going- he seems content adding new strands rather than tying up loose ends.

And that's where Lost is losing me.

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  • jj's been working on MI3 most of the last year and has been pretty much MIA from all his shows.

    Let's hope he doesnt come back a Scientologist.

    By Anonymous funkyferris, at 5:32 PM  

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