Thursday, January 06, 2005

Alias Kicks Some Wednesday Ratings Ass

ABC is in wig heaven this morning.

Its plan to get Alias a larger audience worked beautifully in its first week back, winning both the 9pm and 10pm hours (beating CSI:NY and Law & Order!) and retaining a healthy-if-unspectacular 82% of its Lost lead in.

If Alias can maintain or even build on these levels, Wednesdays will be a ratings juggernaut for ABC for years to come. Copy that, Mountaineer?

Ratings Roundup

Slow, rerun filled week in the world of Nielsen. CBS won in households in total viewers, ABC in Adults 18-49, and Fox in generally sucky ratings performances.

Network rankings

1. CBS: 6.6/11 (3.1/9 in adults 18-49), 10.22 million total viewers
2. ABC: 6.2/11, (3.4/9 in A18-49) 9.65 million total viewers
3. NBC: 5.6/10, (2.8/8 iin A18-49) 8.50 million total viewers
4. Fox: 3.4/6, (2.3/6 in A18-49) 5.47 million total viewers
5. UPN: 1.9/3, (1.1/3 in A18-49) 2.74 million total viewers
6. WB: 1.5/3, (0.9/3 in A18-49) 2.27 million total viewers

Top 10 Programs:

1. CSI (R), CBS (CBS: 18.32 million viewers, 5.8/16 in A18-49)
2. 60 Minutes, CBS(: 16.44 million viewers, 4.5/12 in A18-49)
3. Monday Night Football: Philadelphia vs. St. Louis, ABC (16.36 million viewers, 6.1/17 in A18-49)
4. Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NBC (NBC: 14.85 million viewers, 6.1/17 in A18-49)
5. Everybody Loves Raymond (R) (CBS: 14.76 million viewers, 4.5/12 in A18-49)
6. Without A Trace (R), CBS (CBS: 14.33 million viewers, 4.7/13 in A18-49)
7. Crossing Jordan (R), NBC (NBC: 14.13 million viewers, 4.6/12 in A18-49)
8. Two and a Half Men (R), CBS (CBS: 13.53 million viewers, 4.2/11 in A18-49)
9. CSI: Miami (R), CBS (CBS: 13.40 million viewers, 4.2/11 in A18-49)
10. Dateline, NBC (NBC: 12.82 million viewers)

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He's selling albums. He's shooting movies. And he's making me nauseous.

Talentless American Idol contestant William Hung actually convinced someone to put him in a movie. Sure, it was shot in Singapore, but it counts. In fact, it puts him in exactly one more movie than I've ever been in.

Somehow, he's also sold 100,000 albums. Do we, as Americans, really have absolutely no taste? Wait, I just saw the performance of "hit recording star" Ashlee Simpson performance at the Orange Bowl- I have my answer.

NY Daily News: Ashlee's Biggest Fumble

Bye, Bye, Bow-tie

CNN has shed itself of its bowtied bore Tucker Carlson, as well as his show, Crossfire. It seems execs and viewers alike had tired of the snipey bitchfest, and CNN head Jonathan Klein went as far as to say he sympathizes with Jon Stewart's recent anti-Crossfire diatribe.

No word on the fate of Carlson's equally irritating lefty co-hosts, snivelly weasel Paul Begala and the unbelieveably off-putting James Carville. It's thought they will be integrated (perhaps along with the Crossfire moniker) into CNN's regular programming.

MSNBC, always on the cutting edge, is rumored to have interest in Carlson for the prime-time slot recently vacated by Deborah Norville. Officially, MSNBC spokespeople are saying "We think Tucker is a great journalist and we're exploring our options for a new 9 p.m. show." Hmm. Is it really a good idea to consider hiring a guy who's a failure during the day and give a plum prime-time berth? We shall see...

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Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow: Week One

Welcome to the first edition of Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow, the only place on the 'net keeping an official tally of faux hair worn by the lovely and talented Jennifer Garner on Alias. We have two full hours to tally this time, so let's get to it.

Hour One: Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1

9:01: The episode and the season start with a bang. In an apparant flashback, J-Gar dons a blonde paigeboy wig (#1) to match her skimpy but tasteful lingerie. This wig also seems to be applied with Super Poli-grip, as it somehow remains affixed to her head despite her hanging outside the cargo door of a speeding train.

9:07: Syd now slaps on a somewhat longer black wig (#2), accompanied by a PG-13 ensemble consisting of an open shirt tied in a knot, exposing her ample 'intel' to the cool, crisp night air and giving me the urge for a serious 'debrief.'

9:11: In an exciting twist, Ms. Bristow changes right from her previous wig (#2) into a stringy blonde wig (#3) to complete her hott-in-a-dirty-girl-Courtney-Love-kind-of-way outfit. That's three wigs in 11 minutes, people! Looks like it's going to be quite a season.

9:21: Show open. It's new! And has lots of sizzling Syd shottage, mostly in wigs. But it's only an intro, consisting of mostly old footage, and will be played every week. So we won't include these wigs in the tally (although we counted 28 of the cutsie buggers).

9:31: We now flash-forward back to the blonde paigeboy (#1). Drat. Can't count it.

Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1 total: 3 wigs

Hour Two: Authorized Personnel Only, Part 2

Although the hour contains some Vaughn-Brustow spy sex, ample familial angst, and the triumphant return of everybody's favorite geek Marshall, this episode has NO friggin' wigs. What gives?

Authorized Personnel Only, Part 2 total: 0 wigs

Season total: 3 wigs

Thursday Trivia: Family Ties

One of the following statements about Family Ties is shakier than Michael J. Fox carrying a dozen eggs. Which is the faker?

A) Timothy Busfield played Elise Keaton's brother.

B) Alex was born in Africa when Elyse and Steven were serving in the Peace Corps.

C) The name of the public television station that Stephen Worked for was WKS.

D) It was never revealed what the "P" in Alex P. Keaton stood for.

Answers tomorrow.

Wednesday Trivia Solved: Alias

Which statement about Alias is not true?

A) Jack's real name is Jonathan Donahue Bristow.

B) Sark's first name is Julian.

C) Vaughn's dog is named Dion.

D) Marshall collects Pez dispensers.

The answer: C) Vaughn's dog is named Donovan.