Thursday, February 03, 2005

Enterprise Going Where Many Shows Have Gone Before: Cancellation; Nets Search For Next Big Sci-Fi Franchise

Scott Bakula's looking for work again.

With Star Trek's latest (and quite possibly last) franchise Enterprise biting the dust, networks are looking for new science fiction shows to reinvent the genre.

An unnamed network approached Star Jones Reynolds to headline an updated version of The Blob, but she's yet to accept. Finally, a role she can dig her teeth in

Griss to Grin and Bear It

William Petersen, on record for his distaste regarding CBS' cloning of his mega-hit CSI:, says even though he's cut back his hours on-set, he's not leaving the show anytime soon.

Maybe he should get more involved with the spinoffs, because they suh-uuhhh-UUUUCK. He's probably too busy with the voiceover work to help- is there any commercial this guy doesn't narrate these days?

American Disgrace

More people tuned in to American Idol than the combined ratings from all 4 networks' State of the Union coverage. Niiiiiiiice.

The saddest part: if Americans could vote for president via text message, Kelly Clarkson may be in the oval office today.

Web Whiparound: Days Reunion Pretty Happy

The press seems ambivalent about sitcom classic Happy Days- as well as tonight's special 30th reunion show on ABC.

While nobody really trashes it, there aren't really any rave reviews, either.

I just wanna see how crazy Erin Moran is these days.

Washington Post: Happy Days: Little More Than Fonz Memories
Boston Globe: Cheery return to Happy Days
Chicago Tribune: Reunion recalls innocent Days
Boston Herald: Like the show, reunion jumps the shark
N.Y. Post: For viewers who love nostalgia, it's a sure-win
N.Y. Daily News: "You had to be there"

The O.C.: Hott Lesbian Alert!

I have never seen a second of The O.C., nor have I ever had any desire to even sample it. That's about to change.

Tonight, Mischa Barton gets ready to join the growing list of prime time lesbian love affairs.

For a more expert view of tonight's plot twist, our resident OC expert, Irina D, offers: "I'm actually kind of liking her scenes with Alex, the hot lesbian bartender- she doesn't seem nearly as wooden as an actress, or as whiny as a character. More interesting tonight is Kim Delaney as Rebecca, Sandy Cohen's former flame. If she's as bloated and scary looking as she appeared in her single scene last week, that will make for some entertaining TV."

I have no idea what she's talking about, but I can offer my take on Kim Delaney: She likey the drinky, muchy muchy.

MSNBC: The 'NBC' Stands For Nerdy Bowtied Conservative

MSNBC has hired Jon Stewart's favorite former Crossfire host, Tucker Carlson, to host a nightly prime-time show.

Execs say the show is "still in development," which is news speak for "We don't know what the hell he'll be doing."

Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow

Welcome to Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow... the 'net's top tally of Jennifer Garner's Alias wigs.

In this week's bizarre episode, Sydney slaps on a grey wig, dons an amazing mask/make-up job, and, doing an uncanny impression of President Bush, delivers a startlingly realistic State of the Union address to the Congress.

Wait- that was the President? What the heck was he doing in J-Gar's Wednesday timeslot? Dammit. Never mind.

State Of The Union total: 0 wigs

Season total:
5 wigs

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Tonight's Tube

SWEEPS BEGINS! And that can only mean more lame guest star appearances (Jeff Goldblum and Patti Lupone) on NBC’s Will & Grace. FX is serving up a King of the Hill Mini-Marathon. If you’re the nostalgic type, and the thought of a 70 year old, leather jacket wearing, jukebox-punching Henry Winkler pumps your nads, then ABC’s Happy Days Reunion is for you. If the thought of seeing a butt-nekkid Holly Hunter is more of your speed, check out Thirteen on MoMAX. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more serious, try Osama: Dead Or Alive. Thanks, Discovery Channel, for bringing the room down.

Thursday Trivia: Numbers

Which show never aired?

a) TV 101
b) 240-ROBERT
c) 1986
d) 1-800-HOMICIDE

Answers tomorrow.

Wednesday Trivia Solved: !

Which show never existed?

a) Cleghorne!
b) It's Love!
c) Sledge Hammer!
d) Voyagers!

Answer: b) It's Love!

Sportztyme!: The Real Super Showdown

As Geek-in-Chief, it's my job to edit (when necessary), but I never censor or alter content to jibe with my own views. So even though I have major disagreements with portions of Uncle Buster's Sportztyme! this week, I'll let you guys voice them for me, especially my fellow TiVo owners, who will surely find fault with his argruments.

This Sunday will bring together the biggest competition know to American's today. Millions will gather 'round their TVs to watch two of the country's most powerful forces go head to head, in a battle that could have repercussions for decades to come.

Eagles vs. Patriots? NOT!

Try TiVo vs. Super Bowl commercials.

This will be an interesting struggle to watch. The Super Bowl is the most watched television event each and ever year. And, a big part of that viewership is there to see the new commercials debuting during the broadcast. Viewers who couldn't tell a quarterback from a quarterhorse plunk down in front of their tubes, awaiting Madison Avenue's latest and greatest selling symphonies.

And don't think it's not a big day for the Fortune 500 either. At $2.5 million per 30 second pop, this kind of exposure doesn't come cheap or easy. Companies are only too happy to shell out major dinero to get their products in one of those prime spots... usually during the game's first quarter. When the game ends up being a yawn-fest, the predominant Monday morning talk concerns which ads had the biggest effect or the biggest laugh, not which team put up the biggest numbers.

Therein lies the controversy for TiVo owners. A major part of the fun for these people is being able to omit commercials from the viewing experience, thereby turning an hour program into 35 minutes of compressed entertainment. A 4 hour football game could go by in less than half that time, when the obligatory time outs and play stoppages are passed by.

But, do you skip the part of the show that half the room finds the most entertaining? Let's momentarily skip the fact that watching a live program on TiVo is just plain ludicrous. There are people who actually start watching a live program 10 minutes later than it begins, just so they have the power to skip what they deem as insignificant. These people have self-esteem issues, but I digress.

Folks, just for one day, give the TiVo a vacation. Go old school to watch this one... commercials and all. Your TiVo will thank you in the morning.

OK TiVo owners... speak out and be heard! Post a comment now!

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