Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Ratings For Fox, But Still Down From Last Year

Early estimates show a 2% drop in ratings for this year's Super Bowl. But it still gave Fox its highest rated night ever.

Not bad, considering Fox still has a weak station lineup in many parts of the country. The closeness of the game didn't hurt the numbers, either.

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Pastorelli Was A Suspect

Man, this guys troubles ran deep.

Former Murphy Brown star Robert Pastorelli, who died of a drug overdose last year, was a suspect in the shooting death of his girlfriend. Police were closing in on an arrest right around the time that he died.

Hope for Humanity

American Idol ratings are down.


Gilmore Girls A Go-Go

The WB's is sexing things up.

Its usually family friendly cult hit Gilmore Girls is ramping up for an out of character hott-n-steamy bedroom scene in tomorrow's episode.

Then, on next week's 7th Heaven, Reverend Camden has a three way in a confessional with an alter boy and a 76 year old organist.

"The Clapper" for Your Remote?

The Japanese have done it again. They've invented a new device that attaches to your remote control, which beeps and lights up when you whistle.

This device will undoubtedly help ease my fears Alzheimers is setting in (It was just here a second ago!) as well as save countless seconds spent searching for the remote to instantly turn off American Idol. Worth whatever they're charging. Now, if I only could read Japanese...

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Little House, Big Return

ABC is producing a remake of Little House on the Prairie with a whole new cast.

Looks like the alphabet net is trying to corner the market on shows featuring the visually impaired,

Good Night, Nightline?

As Ted Koppel quietly plans to lighten his workload, ABC is drawing up contingency plans for its 11:30 time slot, fueling wild speculation that Nightline is on its last legs.

Shows being considered include an ESPN-produces sports show, and a talk show hosted by Jake Tapper and Bill Weir. The article makes no mention of bumping up Jimmy Kimmel to 11:30.

Tonight's Tube

Let Gail O'Grady tart up your TV tonight with the Lifetime movie sequel More Sex & The Single Mom (because, you know, the first one left so many unanswered questions). Or, if you'd like to meet a cat that uses silverware, you can try Animal Planet's Pet Star. If you missed its premiere over the weekend, HBO repeats Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York. And if all else fails, there's always old standby Goodfellas on Cinemax.

Monday Trivia: Saturday Night Live, Part One

Who of the following was never a cast member of SNL?

A) Dave Foley
B) Denny Dillon
C) Tony Rosato
D) Siobhan Fallon

Answers tomorrow.