Tuesday, February 08, 2005

24 in 99: 2:00pm-3:00pm

Here's this week's 99 word synopsis of Monday's 24, otherwise known as JoeVideo's 24 in 99.

Tony takes Jack and Audrey to his place (Tony was pardoned by ex-President Palmer and is now an unemployed alcoholic). Jack alerts Heller that there's a CTU-mole. Sara is misidentified as the mole (doh!). Edgar realizes that Marianne is the mole - she tries to escape but Curtis grabs her outside - her car explodes, she's rendered unconscious. Meanwhile, Behrooz takes his mom to the hospital for treatment, and they flee when the cops arrive. Jack and Tony chase and catch the Mystery briefcase man, but he's shot by snipers.

Also, Keifer says that American Muslims don't blow shit up.

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TiVo's Super Bowl Replays Revealed

The most replayed moment of the Super Bowl by Tivo users wasn't game action, or even a commercial. It was when the phone number to votes for the Super Bowl MVP was displayed.

Here are the Top 10 TiVo commercials (from
1. Emerald Nuts - Unicorn
2. Anheuser Busch - Designated Driver
3. - Censorship Hearing
4. Diet Pepsi - Cindy Crawford Eye Catcher
5. Ameriquest - Robbery
6. - Monkey Brown-Nosing
7. Tabasco - Burn
8. Fed Ex - Super Bowl Commercial Formula
9. Paramount Pictures - War of the Worlds
10. Anheuser Busch - Thank You to Troops

Top Game Moment
Ted Bruschi Interception in 4th Quarter

Top Halftime Moment
Paul McCartney sings Hey Jude

Danza Bonanza

Daytime talker The Tony Danza Show has been renewed for a second season.

Yo, Angela!

Coming to DVD: A Nude, Naked, In-The-Buff Eva Longoria?

Wanna see Nicollette Sheridan's plastic surgery scars up close? How about Teri Hatcher's super buns?

It's unclear how racy things will get on the Desperate Housewives DVD, but creator Marc Cherry says it will include censored scenes too hot to air on ABC, including skimpier clothes and an S&M scene.

Can we pre-order yet?

Hewitt Sitcom Spits The Bit

First Alyson Hannigan bailed; now, a network is following suit.

Looks like ABC has decided to abandon ship on the new Jennifer Love Hewitt sitcom.

Apparently, the pilot was unable to make the sizzlin' hott but unbelievably irritating J-Love palatable for a full 22 minutes- admittedly a daunting task.

Super Bowl Ads: Yesterday's Final Idiot Box Results

Yesterday's Idiot Box Poll asked: Which was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial? chick strips down at hearing (50%)
FedEx Kinkos: Burt Reynolds and dancing bear (17%)
Anheuser-Busch's salute to American Troops (15%)
Bud Light: Skydivers (6%)
24 Promo with shopping announcer dude (4%)
Baby Bob/Quiznos (3%)
None, they all sucked ass (2%)

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American Dreams Exiled to Wednesdays, New Law and Order Premiere Set

NBC, which had already pulled American Dreams for sweeps and cut the season order by a few episodes, has now placed the final nail in the coffin: they're moving it to Wednesdays opposite ratings juggernauts Lost and American Idol.

NBC has also set the premiere of Law and Order: Trial By Jury (March 4, replacing the Numb3rs-crunched Medical Investigation), The Office (March 29, after a Thursday March 24 preview) and Sylvester Stallone's boxing reality competition The Contender (two previews on March 7 and March 10, before its official Sunday premiere on March 13).

Leno: "I Wasn't Close To Johnny"

Boo, Hoo.

Get over it, man. You got the gig.

Hey, Secaucus: There Goes The Neighborhood

As of yesterday morning, doddering radio tool Don Imus began broadcasting from the MSNBC studios in Secaucus to make the show "more television friendly," which, given the frightening appearance of the "I-Man," is an impossible task.

Next time, MSNBC should just set fire to a big pile of money- it would be faster and more interesting to watch.

ABC/Disney: Win some...

The Oscars will stay at ABC until 2014.

With any luck, Star Jones will be long gone by then.

...Lose Some?

The NFL and ABC/ESPN may part ways. The two sides are haggling over price, and the NFL may want to hold on to the Sunday and Monday Night games for their own fledgling NFL Network.

Personally, I think they should take the games away from ABC based solely on those moronic pre-show filmed skits they insist on doing. Laaaaaaame.

Letting Law & Order Go Was A Crime

A & E is launching its own Crime & Investigation digital cable network on April 2.

Chalk up one more reason A & E execs are kicking each other in the nuts over losing Law & Order. How easy would scheduling be if they still owned rights to the show? It's unclear whether their ink's-still-wet agreement to air their expensive new toy, The Sopranos, includes C&I.

The Dr. Phil Love Machine Hits CBS Primetime

The fat, balding, and completely irritating and unattractive Dr. Phil will give romantic advice on a February 15th primetime special.

It will air sandwiched between Star Jones-Reynolds "10 Easy Steps to A Thinner, Quieter You" and the Tara Reid self-help hour, "Everything in Moderation."

TV on DVD: This Week's New Releases

The following TV related DVDs are available in stores starting today.

7th Heaven: Season 2
Deadwood: Complete First Season
Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Season 1
Full House: The Complete First Season
The Grid
Highlander: Season 6
Jamie Foxx Show: Complete First Season
Miami Vice: Season One
Murder One: Season 1
Murphy Brown: Complete First Season
Night Court: Complete First Season
Punky Brewster: Season Two
Wayans Bros: The Complete First Season

TVGS Recommendation

Tuesday Trivia: Saturday Night Live, Part Two

Who of the following was not on Saturday Night Live in 1986?

a) Joan Cusack
b) Robert Downey Jr.
c) Rich Hall
d) Anthony Michael Hall

Answer tomorrow.

Monday Trivia Solved: Saturday Night Live, Part One

Who of the following was never a cast member of SNL?

A) Dave Foley
B) Denny Dillon
C) Tony Rosato
D) Siobhan Fallon

Answer: A) Dave Foley

Geek/CounterGeek: Is Desperate Housewives The New Twin Peaks?

Will ABC's smash Desperate Housewives be able to maintain its creative momentum? Or is it setting itself up for a fall, like cult favorite Twin Peaks? Our own Vito examines the long-term viability of TV's newest quirky, mainstream hit in this week's Geek/CounterGeek.

Geek: Desperate Housewives Is The New Twin Peaks

One of my all time favorite shows is Twin Peaks. One of David Lynch’s specialties is to pull back the (red) curtain of a seemingly idyllic place to show its dark underbelly. TP was a phenomenon in its time, very much like Desperate Housewives is today.

Both shows mix the quirky and comical with the horrible and violent. What fan of TP could forget Agent Cooper’s love of coffee and pie, Deputy Andy’s childlike romance with Lucy and the mystery surrounding the brutal murder of Laura Palmer? What DH fan will forget Susan’s bumbling attempts to attract Mike, Gabrielle’s affair with the underage John and the mystery surrounding Dana?

Hopefully DH will avoid the fate of TP, where the audience lost interest as soon as the “Who Killed Laura Palmer” plotline was wrapped up.

CounterGeek: Desperate Housewives Is a Glorified Soap

Desperate Housewives is the new Twin Peaks and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Both shows are essentially spruced up soap operas, camoflauged by high production values and talented casts. TP definitely elevated the genre.

For all of David Lynch’s weirdness and the undercurrent of evil, there were enough hookups, breakups, threats and false deaths to give the most ridiculous daytime show a run for its money. DH is a notch above the average soap, but only a notch. After the most recent episode, with John’s parents asking Gabrielle for help, evil George and the deep dark secret of Lynette’s husband, I was waiting for Larry Hagman to appear and take a bullet from a shadowy figure. The writers already seem to be getting desperate themselves, throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks.

If the whole Dana storyline doesn’t have a satisfying payoff, I might just Tivo old episodes of Dynasty and watch those instead.

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