Friday, February 18, 2005

10,000 Geeks Can't Be Wrong

Today, TVGeekSpeak passed the 10,000 hit mark. That's nearly as many people as watch PAX in a given season!

The Geeks here would just like to thank the Geeks out there for reading. And please, keep coming back- there's plenty more to come!

Geeks Of The Week

This week, we have a tie. First, Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Vincent D'Onofrio gets the nod for coughing up half of his annual screen time (he's exhausted!) to saggy, bloated Chris Noth. Good for Noth- not so good for D'Onofrio. And our other "winners": the Trekkies, who are fighting a noble battle to save Enterprise, the final weak link in a tired franchise.

Is there a way to save Enterprise? Look in the right hand column and take our Idiot Box poll now!

Trekkies Set Phasers to Fund: Raising, That Is

A few Star Trek: Enterprise aficionados are aiming to go where no fanbase has gone before- to fund an additional season of the UPN show themselves. They hope to collect $32 million from fellow Trek freaks and hand it over to UPN chief Les Moonves.

The groups also hope to entice the Sci-Fi Channel to consider buying Enterprise, as well as USA, TNT and Spike TV.

I won't make any cracks about the geekiness of these fans (those in glass houses, as it were), but I will wish them the best. Their dedication is admirable. We've all been fans of shows and franchises clearly past their prime, and it's often hard to let go. And if they're successful, they could change the face of television, similar to how the record DVD sales for Family Guy got the show renewed years after the fact.

Suicide Won't Stop The Contender

The show must go on. That's the word from Sylvester Stallone and the producers of the upcoming boxing reality show The Contender.

One of the contestants, Najai Turpin, committed suicide last week. The show will set up a trust fund for Turpin's daughter, to which viewers can donate.

Night Shift, Part II

Shelley Long's career has come full circle. She'll play a woman nabbed for prostitution on an upcoming episode of Boston Legal.

For cost-conscious shoppers, I'm pretty sure she's more of a bargain these days.

PBS on the Indecency Frontline

PBS is warning affiliates that it cannot protect them against federal indecency sanctions if they broadcast an unedited, profanity-laced version of its Frontline documentary, A Company of Soldiers. Not only that, stations airing the uncensored version must sign a waiver saying PBS isn't liable for FCC damages. And at least two gutsy stations are airing the "raw" version.

How much does it suck to be in the broadcast TV business these days? You can't even show an adult program like a war documentary without worrying about getting fined if a harmless f-word slips through. Bravo to the stations airing the original cut. Oh, and hope you have a good lawyer... the FCC is on line two.

Rock Embraces Time Delay

The hilariously potty mouthed Chris Rock, who's hosting this years Oscars, says the five-second delay on the February 27 telecast will be a welcome "safety net." He also added that he's sure "ABC is more worried about it than me."

Uh, yeah.

The Friday "Eff-Off:" American Idol

Uncle Buster takes on an easy yet wildly popular target this week, in his weekly 99 word thrashing. Here's The Friday "Eff Off!"

I started to watch American Idol during the audition phase. Mostly because people were only allowed to sing for about 30 seconds each, then you get right to the critique.

It was intriguing. But Randy can't stop kissing everyone's ass. Paula is usually the same, unless she's yelling at Simon. Simon is great, because he's the only one that bothers telling the truth.

I stopped watching when I saw how serious these weirdos take this stuff. No one told them this is the 21st century's Gong Show...minus J.P. Morgan.

Wake me when it's over, or when Chuckie-baby comes back.

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Weekend Tube

Friday: NBC tries some more sweeps nonsense with a totally unnecessary Third Watch/Medical Investigation crossover. If you’re looking for an original TV movie, you’re in luck- it’s Ladies Night on USA. There’s also a Pixar showdown: Monsters Inc. on Disney, Monsters Inc. on Encore. And if you can stand him (I can’t), Bill Maher’s Real Time returns to HBO.

Saturday: See if you can spot a degenerate friend as Cops hits Vegas. And Law & Order: SVU is actually on two channels simultaneously at 10pm: NBC and USA. That’s a lot of clunk CLUNKs.

Sunday: Remember when Saturday Night Live was good? Me neither, but apparently, the first five years were pretty good. NBC will try to prove it to the world by airing a two hour special.

Survivor 10 in 99

Vito has volunteered to write weekly 99 word synopses of the new Survivor: Palau. For the premiere, CBS promised that "everything you know changes in the first 10 minutes", which was true. Unfortunately, by minute 43, everything was exactly the same as it always was. Anyway, here's Vito's first Survivor 10 in 99.

Starting out, the 20 tribe members row to Palau competing for immunity for the first man and woman on shore. Wanda starts singing, badly. Jolanda and Ian win and all 20 build a shelter. The group divides into two tribes of nine, Jonathan and (thankfully) Wanda are eliminated immediately. The two tribes, Koror and Ulong, live on the same beach. In the first immunity/reward challenge, Ulong loses when they try to carry too much reward though an obstacle course. Koror wins fire and immunity and while rowing to their new beach, capsizes and loses fire. Ulong eliminates Jolanda.

Vito's Survivor 10 in 99 airs every Friday.

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Thursday Trivia Solved: Fun With Spinoffs

Which was never a real show?

A) The Munsters Today
B) Gopher & Isaac
C) What's Happening Now!!
D) The Brady Brides

The answer: Gopher and Isaac were never spun off.