Tuesday, February 22, 2005

CBS, ABC Line Up Heavyweights To Knock Out Contender

Let's see how many bad boxing puns I can write in one item: The competition is hitting below the belt to put NBC's new boxing reality show The Contender down for the count- before the show even steps into the ring.

How seriously do the other networks want to bloody The Contender? ABC has scheduled a two hour Extreme Makeover to battle the premiere of the Sylvester Stallone/Mark Burnett heavyweight, and CBS has gone to the unusual step of scheduling reruns on the last night of sweeps in order to have fresh episodes of Two and a Half Men and CSI: Miami to counter-program.

Hope NBC has the smelling salts ready.

Harsh Reality for Reality 24/7

Cable start-up Reality 24/7, once known as Reality Central, is having trouble getting off the ground.

They're getting slammed by Fox's upcoming reality channel, which is helped by a strong distribution arm as well as its vast library of reality programming (FOX sure does have a bunch of crappy reality stuff on the shelves, like American Idol, The Simple Life and My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance).

We hope to see neither of these channels anytime soon.

New Reality For The Next Miss America?

Hoping to breathe new life into the Miss America Pageant, producers are pitching it in a reality show format.

This actually sounds like the perfect solution to resuscitate this dated franchise. There's so much material: vapid, clueless contestants; bitter, bile-filled backstabbing; and plenty of opportunities to televise falsely dramatic elimination rounds. Bravo to the geniuses who thought this up!

Six Feet Blunder

Paris and Nicole's funeral home antics, specifically a scene where they knock over some ashes and Dustbust them up, have pissed off some local New Jersey residents.

The Jersey-ites called the girls' antics during the latest Simple Life stunt "tacky." This, from people who live in a state where big hair and airbrushed fingernails are still considered chic. Ironic.

This Is It (This Is It.)

The One Day At A Time reunion show airs tonight. We could make a wise-ass comment, but why bother, when the cast so clearly can do our work for us?

In today's USA Today, Bonnie Franklin speaks for America when she simply asks, "I think, basically, all of us really felt: Why?"

Well spoken. Now get Schneider up here to fix my leaky bidet.

We Thought She Was Just Waiting For Mr. Right

In case you missed Sunday's The Simpsons, it was Marge's sister Patty who attempted to tie the knot in a same-sex marriage.

We were rooting for a mixed same-sex marriage between pals Lenny and Carl. Oh well, maybe next sweeps.

Project Runway May Go Away

Despite strong ratings, there may not be a second season of Bravo's popular Project Runway thanks to complications following the upcoming Disney-Mirimax split.

The season (and possibly series) finale airs tomorrow night. I'm sure I could find some work for Hedi, should she find herself unemployed.

Tuesday Tubeservations

Medium: We learn that Allison's drunken brother has visions, too. Then again so do I after I've pounded a twelve-pack... Scrubs: Hopefully this week is a return to form. I thought the 'traditional' sitcom gimmick last weak was lame, and only showed that a gem like Scrubs would suck if left in the wrong hands. But there was one redeeming nugget: the latest Colin Hay soundtrack appearance, as he sang the theme to Cheers... 24: Apparently, rogue, grey-area agents can now reinstate fired, treasonous agents with a single phone call. Oh, and Dina's arm is sure healing fast, huh?

24 in 99: 4:00pm-5:00pm

It's time to get you caught up on the adventures of Jack Bauer and company, but in a taut and succinct manner. Here's JoeVideo with this week's 24 in 99. Beep... beep... beep...

CTU tracks Navi to the basement of the hospital. Jack grapples down the laundry chute to get Navi. Behrooz gets Navi's gun, and he takes out his father. Tony is reinstated as an agent. Marianne is questioned by Curtis, she reveals little, but she takes Curtis to a place to get more data on the override. Jack and Tony visit a building where the attacks were planned. The building is partially-owned by Paul Raines. Audrey goes to stall Paul 'til Jack arrives. Mysterious captors take Curtis and Marianne, and Marianne is killed. Jack corners Paul... knocks him out cold...

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Tonight's Tube

Tonight, CBS is the latest to quench our pointless thirst for nostalgia with their One Day at a Time Reunion. Over on UPN, Alyson Hannigan, recovered from her split from the ill-fated Jennifer Love Hewitt project, guests on Veronica Mars. And get those FCC phone numbers and e-mail addresses ready: that controversial, possibly-containing-curse-words Frontline documentary A Company of Soldiers hits PBS.

TV on DVD: This Week's New Releases

Here are this week's TV on DVD new releases:

✪ The Shield: Season Three
✪ Family Business: Season Two
King of Queens: Complete Third Season
Commish: Season Two
Ellen: Complete Season Two
✪ South Park: The Complete Fifth Season
Stripperella: Season One - Uncensored

✪ TVGS Recommendation

Tuesday Trivia: More Fun With Spinoffs

Which show spun off from a movie lasted longest?

A) Private Benjamin
B) Gung Ho
C) 9 to 5
D) Harper Valley PTA

Answer tomorrow.

Monday Trivia Solved: Fun With Spinoffs

Which spinoff lasted longest?

A) Flo
B) Gloria
C) Enos
D) Just the Ten Of Us

Just the Ten Of Us was the only one that made it much longer than a year- it lasted two, to be exact.

Geek/CounterGeek: Star Trek Enterprise: The Revenge

Our resident Star Trek freak, Vito, wrote of the long term prospects for Star Trek Enterprise a month ago. A lot of good it did, too. Now that it's been cancelled, he'll try to be objective about the future prospects for his beloved franchise. Here's this week's Geek/CounterGeek.

Geek: Save Enterprise

Now that the word has come down and Star Trek Enterprise has officially been cancelled, what's a self-respecting Trekker to do?

Well, they're not lying down and taking it. Already money has been collected, ads have been placed and rallies have been planned. Not only that, but they're attempting to raise $32.5 million to pay for the season outright! The attempt is admirable and unprecedented, and if it succeeds, it would be incredible.

Although I have reservations about raising that kind of money for a TV show (wouldn't a charity be more worthy?) the show is worth saving. Enterprise has shaped up and this is the best season ever.

CounterGeek: Star Trek Needs An Overhaul

Is the end of Enterprise the end of Star Trek? Probably not, but unless the show is "saved", 2006 will be the first time since 1987 that there is no Trek on TV.

The problem is, a long time ago Rick Berman and Brannon Braga took control of Star Trek and decided to play it safe. "Safe" quickly became repetitive and boring. Manny Coto, who created the under appreciated and very cancelled Odyssey 5, has reinvigorated Enterprise, but it's too little, too late. Star Trek can live on, but it would better to jettison Braga, Berman and Enterprise to let Coto develop his own series.

Another intriguing option would be to turn the reigns over to J. Michael Straczynski, who created and wrote almost every episode of Babylon 5. Straczynski is trying to hijack the "Save Enterprise" movement to support his version of the show, which he pitched to Paramount last year.

It will be interesting to see what happens, but if Star Trek survives in any form, they need an infusion of new, creative blood.

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