Friday, February 25, 2005

Geeks Of The Week

The Trekkies got a share of this title last week, splitting it with Vincent "I'm Exhausted" D'Onofrio... but this week, they win it alone. Why? Their drive to raise cash to "buy" a season of Enterprise is falling a little short. $32 million short, to be exact: after one week, they've raised just over $50,000! That could barely even buy a 30 second commercial within Enterprise! Their dedication is admirable, but at this rate, it would take roughly 12.5 years to reach their goal. I hope Trekkies (Trekkers?) are patient...

Even More Fuel to the Apple-Tivo Fire?

Speculation continues to run rampant that TiVo will be bought, with Time Warner, Apple Computer, Comcast and Sony Electronics all emerging as potential suitors.

There's that Apple rumor again. Just imagine... an iTunes-like store for downloading video onto your iTiVo. Might it finally happen?

NBC Swept Out The Door

It's a good thing that Jeff Zucker and the neckties at NBC consider sweeps to be "obsolete" (, 2/1/05) because they just earned themselves a fat fourth place February finish, down over 25% from last year.

Resurgent ABC looks to finish second to Super Bowl and American Idol inflated Fox.

Reality Sucks For "Downtown" Julie Brown

The N.Y. Post's Page Six reports that "Downtown" Julie Brown is suing ABC for $1.5 million for damages suffered when she was lured into a tub of leeches on I'm a Celebrity- Get Me Out Of Here!. She said she suffered "numerous bites and scarring . . . as well as exposure to other infections."

But it also provided Brown another kind of exposure... TV exposure. Hey, Julie: you do remember what it's like to be on TV, right? We know it's been awhile.

Camryn Manheim Amply Fills Out Casting For New Comedy

The WB has signed on Camryn Manheim (The Practice) to star in a comedy about a single mother.

The comedy is currently still searching for a title, probably because their first choice, Fat Actress, was already taken.

HBO Buries Six Feet Under On Mondays

Then again, last season's weak episodes had pretty much already dug the show's grave.

Advertisers Pony Up Big For Oscar Slots

Despite year-to-year TV ratings drops for the Academy Awards, and the fact that this year's show features an unproven host and no huge blockbuster nominees, advertisers are still ponying up $1.6 million for a 30 second commercial.

ABC will surely waste several of those slots running promos for the absurd Blind Justice. Hey, guys: go for the quick cash.

NBC Looks To Replace Famous Chimes With "Clung-CLUNGS"

How much Law & Order is too much?

Next week, with the new Trial By Jury getting a double run, and counting the other three editions of the shows, plus the usual triple-run of repeats on Saturday night, the franchise will occupy more than half of NBC's prime-time schedule. 12 hours worth, to be exact.

It could be worse- they could be showing that much Will & Grace.

Is there too much Law & Order on TV? Vote in our Idiot Box poll- in the right hand column!

Fans Say American Idol Judges Are Too 'Cruel'

American Idol fans are flooding cyberspace about how cruel the judges have been this season.

And if said judges were always nice, how many would tune out for good? An assload, I'd bet.

Survivor 10 in 99- Plus! Week 2

Vito's ratcheting things up a bit this week. Not only is he providing his regular 99 word recap, but he's also offering his thoughts on who should have been axed- and who he thinks can go all the way. Hence, the new name: Survivor 10 in 99-Plus!

99 word recap: Last week, Koror chose a new island and Ulong voted out Jolanda. Koror was disgusted to find they shared the new beach with rats. Karen annoyed the crap out of everyone by bitching about the bad decision, even though it was too late to change it. At Ulong, Angie, the tattooed bartender, worried about being an outsider. Proving herself by dominating the reward challenge, she won fire and fishing gear for Ulong. This reward challenge provided lots of cleavage shots of Ashlee’s ample bosom. Koror completely dominated the immunity challenge and Ulong voted out Ashlee, and her giant breasts.

If I had a vote: For the second week in a row, I would have gone with the tribe and voted out Ashlee. Even though I would love to see her run, jump and bounce for weeks to come, she was already lethargic and had a bad attitude, which can devastate even the strongest team.

My favorite so far: Angie. She’s the only one to show any personality and she’s got a lot of fight in her.

Do you agree? Post your comments below!

The Friday "Eff Off!": The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Uncle Buster, with a few choice words (99, to be exact) for TV's most enduring late night franchise.

Jay Leno didn’t have the easiest job in the world, trying to partially fill the shoes of The King. That said, some 13 years later, he still sucks.

His jokes are too predictable, his interviewing is awful, and all that high-fiving he does with the audience beforehand? All a setup. You can’t sit there unless you act like Pavlov’s pooch at dinnertime. Shouldn’t he have gotten better by now? Jaywalking used to be decent…now it’s just tired.

If lowest common denominator humor is what you’re after, then Leno is your guy. I’ll take Letterman any day of the week.

Weekend Tube

Friday: Get it while you can: a new Star Trek: Enterprise is on UPN. That weird vampire episode of Third Watch could be tasty. And kiss Medical Investigation goodbye after tonight- the new Law & Order subpoenas its time slot beginning next week.

Saturday: IFC's Independent Spirit Awards offers a hip alternative to Sunday’s other awards show. On Sci-Fi, Apollo Creed goes hunting for E.T. in the made-for Alien Siege. And it’s always fun looking for lawless relatives on Cops.

Sunday: We may have to check out the Oscars to see heads exploding when Chris Rock lets his first f-bomb go. But please, just say no to crack: skip Star’s red carpet nonsense so E! will shitcan her.

Thursday Trivia Solved: Cosby Show, Part Two

Which show eventually toppled The Cosby Show from its perch as the #1 show for a full season?

A) 60 Minutes
B) A Different World
C) Cheers
D) Roseanne

The answer: D. Roseanne swiped the top slot.