Thursday, March 03, 2005

Web Whiparound: Split Verdict on Law & Order: Trial By Jury

The theory that the Law & Order franchise still has life left in it is, apparently, debatable.

The reviews are decidedly mixed for Trial By Jury the new spinoff previewing tonight on NBC; while several reviewers gave the show high marks- one even says it's the best installment of the franchise- others say it feels kind of tired.

Watch tonight and decide for yourself. clung CLUNG!

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Two and a Half Man Loses One Hott Woman

Sorry, Charlie.

Mrs. Sheen is taking off, fetus and all. She's filing for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences," which is legalese for "fucking anything that moves."

Cable News Chaos: Taking the "MS" out of MSNBC; Fox News Stomps CNN Some More

NBC Universal is once again rumored to be negotiating a buyout of Microsoft's half of cable news also-ran MSNBC. NBCU wants to fully own all of its assets for when the inevitable public NBC spinoff occurs.

In other cable news news, Fox News continues to clobber all comers, with CNN's ratings falling 16 percent overall and 21 percent in prime time during February.

Geena's Presidential First Really A Second

Geena Davis has agreed to star as the first female president of the United States in ABC's drama pilot Commander in Chief.

While it's true there has never been an actual female president, some of you remember there was one previously on ABC. Remember Hail to the Chief? With Patty Duke? From 1985? Aired after Who's The Boss? No?

Didn't think so.

"This blog entry may contain violence, strong language and nudity and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Reader discretion is advised."

NYPD Blue jump-started the disclaimer craze twelve years ago. But lately, you may have noticed TV shows seem to have more disclaimers attached to them. It seems broadcasters are not only using them to warn viewers of potentially offensive material- but also to create a buzz. (Who can resist a good 'graphic sexual content' warning?)

Here's a list of some recent red flags.

Gag's Not Leno's Bag

Tonight Show host Jay Leno, who has been subpoenaed for Michael Jackson's child molestation trial, wants the judge to lift or clarify the gag order keep the comedian from cracking wise about The Gloved One.

Clearly, America needs Leno's bland, edgeless punchlines about Jackson. How else would they fall asleep?

Schroder Takes Lifetime's Medicine

Rick Schroder, who last appeared regularly on series TV with a stint on NYPD Blue, has agreed to take on the role of a doctor surfer dude on Lifetime's unwatchable hospital drama Strong Medicine.

He joins long-running eyebrowically deformed co-star Rosa Blasi, and follows in the footsteps of other powerhouse lead actresses who've wiselly split the show (Janine Turner, Patricia Richardson).

Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow: Week Eight

Welcome to this week's Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow... the only place on the 'net for J-Gar's weekly Alias wig count.

Episode 4 x 09: "A Man of His Word"

Sark and Anna Espinosa are still hanging around to create their own special brand of mishcief, anarchy, and near murder. But did Syd wig out? YES! In a homage to Vaughn's evil, dead ex-wife lauren, Sydney dons a wavy blonde wig (pictured) and OmniAccent to complete her most convincing impersonation. Very nice.

Coming up: the promo showed at least one wig-looking do for next week... stay tuned!

"A Man of His Word" total: 1 wig

Season total:
8 wigs

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Tonight's Tube

Thursday: clung CLUNG! It's time for the fourty-seventh new Dick Wolf courtroom concoction, Law & Order: Trial By Jury. On Court TV (jeez, how many networks is this guy on?) Al Roker shows us The Horrors of Hazing. And if you're nostalgic, Fox lets us flash back a whole six weeks to relive the dusty first episode of Point Pleasant.

Get Lost!

JoeVideo writes the premiere episode of his new weekly feature, casting a somewhat critical eye on his favorite desert island drama Lost.

Wow. Poor Hurley! This guy has no luck. If he was worth $160 million, what was he doing on a commercial flight from Australia... Did his bad luck cause the crash? Did the dog? Did Walt? What's with the unlucky numbers being everywhere, even on the mystery hatch? And what was with Locke and Clair? Just being nice or... maybe angling to be a father figure to the baby? Oh, and we're to believe that Hurley can cross a rickety rope bridge, but Charlie breaks it with his "substantial" weight. It's always cool to see the insane French Women with her rifle aimed at someone.

I'm beginning to ask myself, what's so special about Australia that all of these people just happened to be heading there under almost X-Files pretenses?

Talk about this week's Get Lost- post a comment now!

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Sportztyme!: Bonds vs. The Media isn't a sports blog. But when an athlete convenes the media and turns it into a larger-than-life story, it certainly qualifies as fodder for Sportztime.

Even if you don't follow baseball or sports in general, chances are you know who Barry Bonds is.

He will most likely become the second best home run hitter of all time this season...passing the legendary Babe Ruth with his 12th home run this season. You may also know he has come under scrutiny for allegedly obtaining his home run prowess through a steroid syringe.

Bonds held a press conference last week which amounted to little more than a rambling diatribe of whatever happened to be on his mind at the moment. Bonds will never win a Most Popular Player award, nor will he be honored as anyone's Humanitarian of the Year. His own teammates have never really spoken of him with warm thoughts, and one well seen clip showed him in a dugout shoving match with former Giants second baseman Jeff Kent during a game two years ago.

To boil down the steroids talk, Bonds has been implicated as using the banned substance to improve his home run totals. During last week's speech, he claimed (correctly, in my view) that steroids do not improve the hand-eye coordination needed to hit a baseball. But, they damn sure help it go 500 feet once it's been hit.

It didn't take Bonds long to throw out the race card. He claims that people are diminishing his accomplishments, in part, because he is African-American. But none of the saps that were actually at the press conference bothered to call him on it.

There is no doubt that racism still exists in this country... in some cases, just below the surface of politeness. But to question a black player's credibility or honesty is not being racist. To believe that a black player is a complete jerk most of the time is not being racist. To believe that has knowingly used steroids is not being racist. To question whether he has obtained his accomplishments legally and honestly is not being racist.

Bonds may someday pass the legendary Hank Aaron for first place all time. Aaron is a man who KNOWS what racism is. It's hate mail, death threats, different hotel rooms and bathrooms. It's ignorance, it's intolerance and it's not being given a chance just because of the color of your skin. Bonds has been given his chance. What he has done with it will be his legacy.

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