Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Web Whiparound: Justice For The Visually Impaired

The best thing one can say about the reviews for Blind Justice: they're not nearly as bad as the promos ABC has been running.

Still, while the general consensus ranges from mediocre to awful, the critics are certainly kinder to the new Tuesday night drama (premiering tonight) than one could reasonably expect.

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Big Three Break Bread

Today’s top story: the big three (Dan, Peter and Tom) have dinner at Tom’s place.

Network sources are still trying to authenticate Mr. Rather’s invitation.

Cronkite: Out With The Old, In With The Nearly As Old

Codgerly old newsman Walter Cronkite said he welcomes youthful news whippersnapper Bob Schieffer to the big desk with open arms. Cronkite also expressed surprise that Dan Rather, the man who replaced him, lasted as long as he did.

He then mumbled something about tapioca and nodded off.

It's Not TV. It's SJP.

Emmy winner Sarah Jessica Parker is back with HBO, with her production company signing a two year deal to develop and produce series and other programming for the premium cable channel.

Hopefully she’ll stay behind the camera.

Amazing Development

CBS’ The Amazing Race has lowered its minimum age to 8.

In an unrelated story, Michael Jackson has expressed interest in competing in Race’s next season.

Who Wants To Never Watch Fox Again?

Uplifting new concept? Or the latest in-the-gutter reality fiasco? You decide!

Fox is prepping Who Wants to Live Forever, a show where contestii confront their mortality by finding out how long (read: short) they’ll live, and then allowing the show to alter their lifestyle (read: detox and starve them) to prolong their life.

It's all in the contestant selection, my friends. Are we going upscale- or Ricki Lake?

24 in 99: 6:00pm- 7:00pm

Here's our 99 word recap of this week's 24.

CTU pursues Marwan, who is an employee of the company that built the override. Jack and Paul head for McClennan-Forrester's Headquarters to check their records. Meanwhile, Erin grieves over her daughter’s death and goes home; Tony assumes command of CTU with Heller’s blessing. (Curtis is unhappy over this.) McClennan execs try to conceal Marwan’s records (to keep the company from going under); they "implicitly violated national security" (Prison); they wipe out the computers by setting off an EMP in downtown L.A., and are after Paul and Jack! Tony is relieved of his (short) tenure as CTU-Chief by... his (ex)wife Michelle...

Tonight's Tube

It's Blind Tuesday, and ABC is looking to plug the gaping hole NYPD Blue's departure has left in their Tuesday schedule. If the promos are any indication (Blind cop with seeing eye dog carries a gun!) Blind Justice isn't the answer. Also, since Fox has renewed House, it may be worth watching now that one doesn't have to worry about getting hooked on a show that could get the hook. And on Gilmore Girls, Rory dresses up like Kill Bill's Go Go Yubari. Mmmmm.... Murderous teenage girl in plaid skirt...

Monday Trivia solved: Cheers

Who was the only one of the four characters listed below to appear in every episode of Cheers?

A) Sam
B) Diane
C) Cliff
D) Carla

The answer: D) Carla (Norm also appeared in every episode).

GeekCounterGeek: Battlestar Galactica

Geek: Battlestar Galactica, Best TV SF Ever?

The "re-imagined" version of Battlestar Galactica is well into its 14 episode first series run on the Sci-Fi Channel. The show has already been renewed for a 20 episode second season. I was discussing the show with a friend who is even more of a sci-fi geek than me (if you can believe that!) and he said that BG was the best TV sci-fi series ever! I've been watching since the mini-series last year and I've been impressed, but the best EVER? My friend went on to explain that BG is one of the few "pure" sci-fi shows.

I can't vouch for the quality of the science of the show, but so far there are no fantasy elements to speak of. I guess with that narrow definition, the high-quality storytelling of BG could very well turn out to be the best of the genre.

CounterGeek: Battlestar Galactica, Best TV SF Ever? Frak You!

Fans who were disappointed that the new BG was too different from the original are clearly crazy. I loved that show- when I was nine. The original series hasn't held up too well and don't even get me started on Galactica 1980.

My biggest complaint with the current series is the constant use of the word "frak". Sure, you can't drop the real f-bomb all over basic cable, but if you want grit, you have options. Vic Mackey is a pretty tough guy and he doesn't have to resort to made-up swear-words. Whenever someone on BG says "frak" it takes me out of the show and I cringe.

Aside from that it's solid. The limited number of episodes has thus-far kept it from getting too off base and silly. Although last week's episode about Tigh's wife seemed like mindless filler. The truth is, you can't really make a statement like "best ever" about a show until it's over. So for now, I'll keep watching and reserve judgement.

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