Monday, March 14, 2005

Grubman Crashes- Again

The debut of scourge-of-the-earth hit-and-run artist Lizzie Grubman's MTV reality show, PoweR Girls, drew just 1.2 million viewers for its Thursday premiere. That's about the same audience pimped by repeats of other unwatchable MTV fare.

Just when I've given up on the human race, something happens that gives me hope for our future. This is one of those times.

Even The Writers Don't Know Where Lost Will End Up

For those desperately looking for hints as to how the first season of Lost will finish, better get a crystal ball.

The writers for the desert island drama, as well as those for The O.C., 24 and Desperate Housewives, don't even know themselves (free subscription required) exactly how their seasons will play out. Just like us!

Is it creative freedom- or cluelessness? I think we'll all know after watching the season finales- and ripping them apart afterwards.

Oscar Host Rocks Pilot

Chris Rock, fresh off his mediocre stint as Oscar Host, will executive produce and narrate a comedy pilot about his childhood life.

UPN has goven the green light to the show, called Everybody Hates Chris, which will detail his escapades attending a predominantly white school in 1980s Brooklyn.

24's Torturous Plotlines Fuel Real-Life Debate

24... from Muslim-American punching bag to educational tool in a matter of weeks.

Ain't that America?

Days Of Future Past

Now that crime has been cleaned up, what's a TV producer to do?

Go back in time.

NBC is producing a pilot called NY70, a drama based loosely on The French Connection heroin smuggling case. Set in the early 70's, it hopes to capture the tensions of the decade, and stars It stars Donnie Wahlberg,Tony Lo Bianco and Bobby Cannavale.

Sounds interesting, but will a period drama appeal to the younger demos today's advertisers crave? Bell-bottomed crime fighters? Big-lapelled, big-afroed, muttonchop wearin' detectives? Hmmm....

Tonight's Tube

Have you been watching Animal Planet’s smash hit animal talent show, Pet Star? No? Well, then you won’t want to miss the two hour season finale, with the most talented pets competing for $25,000. On AMC, The King lives with Girls, Girls, Girls and Roustabout back to back. And the networks dole out new eps of CSI:Miami, Medium, Las Vegas, Extreme Makeover, 24 and Supernanny.

The Geek Files: "Moonlighting"

Pusher is on assignment this week, so we're presenting one of her classic columns from the past. Yup, that's right- it's a rerun. Dig it.

Back in sixth grade I dug "Moonlighting". I mean, hard. I bought Bruce Willis everything - posters, magazines, even two copies of his album! You know, just in case.

One Tuesday, Tracy Farrer challenged my knowledge of the show. To test me she would develop a quiz based on that night's episode. My mom wouldn't let me use the VCR to record a show I was going to watch anyway (bitch!) so I had to really concentrate that night.

Tracy passed the folded paper right under Mr. Veglia's nose the next morning and I took the test. Question #1 - What was the 5th sentence that David Addison said? What!? My answer - "Hey Stinky, you missed a spot." And I was right. And I knew I was right.

Because I am a TV geek.

Pusher's "The Geek Files: Memoirs of a TV Addict" appears every Monday.