Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No Term Limits For West Wing

NBC has decided to re-elect its rebounding drama The West Wing for another year.

The Emmy-winning White House drama will probably elect a successor to star Martin Sheen by season's end. The fate of the other key cast members are somewhat up in the air.

Also, rumblings have started the the Peacock will douse Third Watch at the end of the season.

Lost Secrets Will Soon Be Found

J.J. Abrams, creator of the smash hit drama Lost, fueled the rumor fire as to which character will die at season's end.

Speaking at the William S. Paley Television Festival in Los Angeles, he also revealed that the season ender would be a two-parter, with the... er... "final" finale clocking in at 90 minutes.

I just hope the character in the crosshairs isn't blond, Australian, hott, and fake-pregnant.

Food Network Wants To Eat Its Young

Food Network is joining the 18-49 brigade.

It's looking to expand its programming a bit to snare younger viewers, including more reality and celebrity-oriented fare.

Here's an easy solution, in just 5 words: Rachael Ray, G-string, Jell-o wrestling. You're looking at a 25 share, easy.

Keep Your Queer Eye On The Ball

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy is heading for Red Sox Nation.

The Fab Five are shooting an episode where they make over members of the team, which just won their first World Series since 1918.

Finally, something for Yankee fans to rag on BoSox fans about. They've been awful quiet since their glorious collapse in the ALCS.

King For Many More Days

CNN has given mummified ex-wife collector Larry King a contract extension which will keep Larry King Live on CNN through 2009. The deal is reportedly worth close to $7 million a year.

King will be 107 years old at the end of the new pact.

Tragic Contender Hits The Ring Sunday

Najai "Nitro" Turpin, the boxer/Contender contestant who killed himself last month before the series' debut, will be a major focus of this week's episode.

Without appearing morbid, you know NBC is hoping to catch some ratings heat from the backstory. So far, The Contender has been a ratings disappointment, finishing fourth in its time slot this past Sunday.

Fair-to-Poor Week For New Shows

Lots of new shows premiered last week- and none broke any ratings records.

Two performed respectably: the ridiculous Blind Justice, which improved on what NYPD Blue was getting in the same time slot, and Jake In Progress, which got decent numbers in a special Sunday airing (although significantly less than the slot's usal occupant, Desperate Housewives. Others were busts: The Contender, Kelsey Grammer presents The Sketch Show, and Starlets all disappointed.

Static From The Geek-In-Chief: Just Askin'

Is there any star in Hollywood not named Carrot Top who isn't starring in a pilot for the fall?

As Alias' ratings level off, and the quality of the show continues to drop, is this the year ABC finally gives up on the underachieving J-Gar thriller?

How did Chris Noth age 20 years in the decade he's been off Law & Order?

It seems unfathomable, but can the positive buzz for NBC's adaptation of The Office actually hold?

Has there been a better title for a cable movie this year than Mansquito?

Could Richard Hatch possibly be smart enough to win Survivor, and still be dumb enough to think CBS was going to pay his tax bill?

When it was clear to anyone with an IQ over 70 that Martha's new show would bump Jane Pauley in the fall, why did NBC Universal keep the charade going for so long?

Anyone else wishing someone- anyone- would slap a gag order on Star Jones?

Could the WWF's rumored new deal with USA Network land some wrasslin' on the wheezing parent Peacock network?

Besides fellow Geek Vito, do you know anyone who watches Carnivale?

After falling from The Daily Show to I Love The 90's and now to Animal Planet, how low can Mo Rocca's career go?

Did Fox ever bother to watch Elisabeth Rohm's drowsy, wooden "acting" on Law & Order before signing her up for their fall pilot Briar & Graves?

With ratings still strong for The Simple Life, is there any chance Fox will spare us from a fourth go-round with Paris and Nicole?

Kelsey Grammer doing sketch comedy? Wouldn't giving George Wendt a cooking show make more sense?

With everybody loving Two and a Half Men, will anyone really miss the fading Raymond?

If it keeps getting outcounted by NUMB3RS, will NBC make Trial By Jury the first Law & Order to face the death penalty?

Will ER in 2008 make the final season of NYPD Blue seem fresh and original in comparison?

And finally... when Dan Rather talked about "courage," why does he get to exempt himself from showing some spine and admitting he was wrong?

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Tuesday Trivia Solved: M*A*S*H Week, day two

Which stunt did Klinger NEVER pull to try to get himelf a Section 8?

A) Eating a jeep, part by part.
B) Becoming "Zoltan, king of the gypsies".
C) Taking care of an imaginary llama.
D) Displaying himself as the Statue of Liberty for General MacArthur.

Answer C). He did, however, take care of an imaginary camel.