Thursday, March 17, 2005

NBC Renews Joey, Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan

The Peacock announced three more renewals today (subscription may be required), in addition to confirming the rumored West Wing extension.

Looks like another weak development season for NBC.

Springer Sprung On Brits

Jerry Springer, buoyed by the success of a musical in England bearing his likeness, will film a month of shows in England for British television.

Who says Americans have no culture?

Arresting Numbers for Close, The Shield

Glenn Close is still an attraction- and FX can prove it.

The fourth-season debut of FX's The Shield drew nearly 4 million viewers, 37% more than last year's premiere.

Now all FX has to do is keep 'em coming back.

Today/GMA Booking War Poll results

We asked: How should Today and GMA settle their booking wars?

You answered:
Say "Screw it," let everybody sleep in 62%
Matt Lauer and Charlie Gibson have dance-off 31%
Tony Perkins and Al Roker Jell-o wrestle 6%
Diane and Katie duel with pistols at 10 paces 0%

CNN to Kwame: "You're Fired"

CNN has cancelled Apprentice runner-up Kwame Jackson's talk show- before it even premiered.

CNN head Jonathan Klein "decided not to pursue it," a spokeswoman Christa Robinson said, presumably to give the airtime to a few more Ashley Smith specials.

Amazing Odds

Thinking about placing a bet on the outcome of The Amazing Race 7? Who wasn't?

But it's too late. Offshore bookie has stopped taking wagers after receiving a disproportionately high number of bets on one team (spoiler freaks: click to find out which one).

Is it just that fans like the one team? Or is inside info making the rounds? It'll be interesting to watch.

Fat Fizzles

Kirstie Alley's finally trimming the fat, but in the worst possible place- in the ratings.

The second episode of Fat Actress, which Showtime hoped would put them on the original series map, lost 2/3 of its audience from its premiere.

It's hard to believe, given the media and publicity blitz leading up to the premiere. Guess people really don't dig fat chicks.

ABC Hires Trump Thespian

Justin Louis, star of Lifetime's runaway mega-smash hit Missing, has been chosen to play the Donald in ABC's upcoming Trump docudrama.

You may (or may not) remember Louis from his other starmaking turns... like one as a misfit husband in NBC's Hidden Hills. No? How about as Sarah Polley's zombie husband in 2004's Dawn Of The Dead? Oh well.

Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow: Week Eleven

Welcome to this week's Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow... the only place on the internet with an accurate, up-to-the-minute count of J-Gar's Alias wigs.

Episode 4 x 11: "The Road Home"

Immediate gratification! We lead off the episode with possibly the least flattering wig in Syd history: a short, dated, mid-eighties "Working Girl" 'do. But it was accompanied by an accent, so we'll deal. (Irina D. offers that the wig looked inspired by this one- who am I to argue?)

Next week: The promo clearly showed at least one wig. Keep 'em coming!

"The Road Home" total: 1 wig

Season total:
9 wigs

Survivor 10 in 99- Plus! Week Five

99 word synopsis: Week 5 revolved around a totally annoying twist. At the reward challenge, Jeff announced that both tribes would vote out a member. The winning tribe, however, would get a hot meal and be able to watch the tribal council of the losing tribe. Ulong lost when 7 foot tall Ibrehem couldn't dive three feet under water. Koror decided to eliminate old, curmudgeonly Willard. The next twist was that Koror was able to give immunity to a member of Ulong. They saved Ibrehem. Now, without any strategy, there was a tie between Angie and Bobby-Jon. The tiebreaker sent Angie home.

If I had a vote: I'd vote off the ass who came up with this twist. It sucked. Usually the twists in Survivor are fair. In this one, Koror had to vote out a member even though they didn't lose a challenge. Why? Also, they were allowed to give immunity to Ibrehem, who lost the challenge for his team and who was definitely going to get voted off. This set off a chain of events that led to the elimination of Angie, who has always performed great in the challenges and didn't deserve to go.

My favorite so far: It's hard not to root for Tom and Ian. I just hope sneaky Gregg doesn't succeed in his plot to take them out further down the road. Drinking Games: The O.C.

O.K. now... get those adult beverages ready! It's time for the second in a continuing series: The O.C. Drinking Game. Bottoms up!

Every time a hipper-than-thou band plays on the soundtrack, drink once.

Every time a character refers to said hipper-than-thou band, drink twice.

Every time Ryan wears a wifebeater, drink once.

Every time a character makes some meta reference to Ryan wearing the wifebeater, drink twice.

Every time Sandy Cohen uses a Yiddish expression like "shmear," drink once.

Every time Sandy uses an Italian swear word, chug the bottle.

Every time Sandy and Kirsten smooch, drink once.

Every time Marissa and Alex make out, drink once.

And finally... every time Seth and Ryan make out, chug the bottle.

Post your thoughts on The O.C. Drinking Game below!

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Sportztyme! On The Juice

So, sports media nationwide are getting all excited about the steroid testimony being given on Capitol Hill this week. YAWN!!!

As I was flipping around the dial the other day, I came across one of the most intriguing shows you’re likely to find. If everyone, including our nation's lawmakers, is so interested in whether or not baseball players are on the juice, they have obviously never tuned in to any of the World's Strongest Man specials.

Have you seen some of these guys? You could put a saddle on them and send them to the rodeo. One guy had his own zip code. They walk around with their arms out at 45 degree angles to their sides because their muscles are so damn huge. Think any of them have seen a needle before?

I will admit, at least they are putting their ill-gotten strength to good use. Hitting a baseball 5 miles might be fun, but where is the practical necessity of such a talent? Now, taking a full keg of beer and throwing it 20 feet over your head? THAT is a skill with some everyday use! Think of the time saved carrying refreshments to the third floor party on Saturday night.

Pulling a jet with your teeth can come in handy as well. They had a plane stuck in the mud at my local airport a few months ago. Tied up east coast airline traffic for 10 hours. If you give Hans Biggenballs 10 minutes, he's got the problem solved.

Check these guys out next time your twirling around looking for a Survivor rerun or VH-1's 40 Greatest Rock and Roll Thongs. It's a ‘roid-fully good time!

Wednesday Trivia Solved: M*A*S*H week, day three

Which cast member had a deformed hand?

A) Gary Burghoff
B) Wayne Rogers
C) Larry Linville
D) William Christopher

Answer: A) Gary Burghoff. If you watch closely, you can see his hand is almost always hidden.