Friday, April 01, 2005

Geek Of The Week

If you've heard the voicemails, you'll know why this week's selection wasn't tough. Of course, it's Pat O'Brien, who clearly needs to come down off of whatever substance made him leave those now legendary messages- although I suspect it was nothing more than a bad reaction from mixing nearly lethal amounts of minoxidil, ego and testosterone. Is there rehab for that?

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April Fools: PETA Takes On Star Jones-Reynolds, TVGS Terror Alert Raised

One of our least favorite celebs is about to be socked by one of our least favorite organizations.

PETA is apparently running ads today lambasting Jones-Reynolds for wearing fur. As if it's any of their business. Still, a teeny part of us loves anyone with the cohones to bitch-slap Star, who will certainly respond in some form (causing our exclusive Star Jones Terror Alert Status to be raised to RED).

Stay tuned for further details as they develop here at your source for the latest Star Jones Reynolds imformation (if it's embarassing to her, that is).

A 24 So Nice, They're Airing It Thrice

In an effort to make sure a pivotal episode has the largest possible audience (and saving it from slaughter from the NCAA finals), Fox will run Monday's episode of 24 three times.

In addition to its usual Monday slot, the network announced it will repeat the episode (it sounds like some major shit goes down during the hour) on Friday, April 8, and Sunday, April 10.

What will the big revelation on this week's 24 be? Vote now in our Idiot Box Poll- in the right hand column!

Idiot Box Poll Results: Save MSNBC!

We asked: Who can MSNBC hire to put them back ahead of CNN Headline News in the ratings?

You answered:
Hott, nude, lesbian anchors deliver headlines in Jell-o filled boxing ring (outfitted with TelePrompTers 58%
Rotting corpse of Johnny Cochran 24%
Ann Coulter co-anchors with liberal CGI pitbull named "Carville" 10%
Elmo replaces Olbermann on Countdown  6%

Competition Gouges Out Eyes

Looks like ABC's Wednesday night hopes got a shiner this week.

The debut of the new, critically acclaimed Eyes, starring Tim Daly, finished third in its time slot (behind Law & Order and a CSI: NY repeat).

Ailes: "I'd hire Rather- BUT..."

Fox News Channel and conservative ass-kicker Roger Ailes said Thursday he'd have no problem hiring Dan Rather- if it wasn't for his hefty salary.

Ailes had some kind words for the embattled Rather, commenting on his "very good journalism." Pretty surprising that Ailes would be so complimentary of someone who has been labelled as a posterboy for the "liberal media," especially by Fox's News Channel's right-skewing audience.

More Malcolm

Fox's Malcolm in the Middle has been renewed for a seventh season by the network.

Executive Producer Linwood Boomer, who has agreed to a new deal with series producer Regency Television, says it will be the final season for malcom, which is good, because the 41-year old Frankie Muniz is starting to look a little old to play a 16 year old, dontcha think?

"It Takes a Dead Man To Make a Tender Chicken."

Famous poultry pitchman Frank Perdue has died after a brief illness.

In 1971, Perdue became his company's television pitchman, the first to advertise chickens by brand. His look-alike son took over a few years ago, but was no match for his dad.

Purdue was 84.

CSI:99: 3/31/05

Here's our 99 word recap of this week's CSI.

Two cases converge when Grissom's burn victim's DNA is discovered on sheets in Catherine's crime scene - where a couple was shot dead while their child drowned.

Nick's virtual sketch proves it wasn't a murder/suicide.
Greg doesn't deal well processing the burn victim.
Sara discovers vodka was the incendiary device.
Warrick is looking fine.

It comes down to one woman allowing her husband to impregnate his best friend's wife. Unfortunately, best friend finds out, kills the couple and lets their kid drown. When his pregnant wife finds out, she's guilt-stricken and sets herself ablaze.

Next time, maybe try adoption.

CSI:99 appears every Thursday. For more cool TV talk, click here to go to the TVGeekSpeak homepage.

Survivor 10 in 99- Plus! Week Seven

99 Word Recap: Last week Ulong eliminated redneck James. Koror enjoyed two feasts when Ian found a giant clam and Tom killed a shark with a machete. In the reward challenge, each tribe had to make a signal that could be seen from the air. Despite a good effort, Ulong lost again. As reward, Koror won food they were too full to eat. Gregg and Jen kept their secret alliance and public romance alive, concerning Tom. In an immunity challenge that required smarts to solve a puzzle, Ulong lost again. Bobby-Jon and Stephanie voted out Ibrahem and became a tribe of two.

If I had a vote: This is pathetic. This tribe has lost every immunity challenge, going from nine members to two. Ibrahem deserved to go more than Stephanie or Bobby-Jon. In the challenges, no matter how far behind, they give it their all.

My favorite so far: I love Tom and Ian, I just hope they start playing the game more instead of just having a good time. If not, they may get blindsided. Despite the odds, I'm still pulling for Stephanie; she's tough and never gives up.

Survivor 10 in 99- Plus! airs every Friday. For more cool TV talk, click here to go to the TVGeekSpeak homepage.

Weekend Tube

Friday: It's the Battlestar Galactica season finale on Sci-fi, with Kobol ripe for the taking. Or is it? Beats me, since I've never seen the damned show. I'm such a poser. The always fun Swingers is on IFC. And whenever Kill Bill is on, you have to put it on- at least I do- and tonight, it's on Starz.... Saturday: SciFi rehashes the overdone NBC miniseries 10.5, starring the bloated, formerly hott Kim Delaney. NBC begins a burn-off of the cancelled LAX. And ESPN airs the 2004 U.S. Poker Championship... Sunday: I know where Uncle Buster will be tonight: glued in front of his set, shaving IQ points a dozen at a time watching Wrestlemania 21. And in a more cerebral (and fattening) competition, Cat Cora becomes the first female to compete in Iron Chef America.

Thursday Trivia Solved: Who's the Boss? week, day four

Who never appeared on Who's The Boss?

A) Halle Berry
B) Frank Sinatra
C) Sidney Poitier
D) Leah Remini

Answer: C) Sidney Poitier on Who's The Boss? Never.

The Friday "Eff Off!": Inside The Actor's Studio

This show could be so much better, if not for the coma-inducing host, James Lipton...who never bothers to ask the questions WE want to ask.

I will say his monotone, haughy delivery is the perfect compliment to the self-absorbed movie stars he plays to. But what’s up with the in-depth questions about their method? How did John Travolta get into the role of a hit man? Go to a gun range twice, maybe? Who cares!!!

And where are the REAL movie stars on this show? No Vin Diesel, no The Rock, or Chris Tucker? Just keepin’ the man down!