Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jennings Battles Lung Cancer

Peter Jennings, the chief ABC News anchorman for more than 20 years, has been diagnosed with lung cancer and will begin outpatient treatment next week, the network said Tuesday.

In an e-mail, Jennings told ABC staffers he'd anchor when he could, adding "there will be good days and bad, which means some days I may be cranky and some days really cranky." Meanwhile, Charles Gibson and Elizabeth Vargas will be Jennings' primary substitutes on the evening news.

We here at wish Jennings a speedy recovery.

Desperate Censorship

"You have to hand it to the Catholics, they do grief better than anyone."

That was the line deemed too racy by censors to air in this week's Desperate Housewives. The death of Pope John Paul II forced producers to edit the Catholic quip out of Sunday night's episode.

As a result, an upcoming episode where Bree called Edie a "Christ-killer" was also re-written.

Reality About To Set In For New Fox Channel

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the strongest argument for the V-chip to date: Fox Cable Networks announced Monday that its new Fox Reality Channel will debut on May 24 . They've set a first-year goal of 18.5 million subscribers.

It's been previously reported that Fox will fill airtime with some of its classic reality hits, including Temptation Island and My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee, while also including new and prevously unseen shows.

Britney TV on the Way

Oh, gross.

Everybody's favorite white trash tart Britney Spears, along wtih her husband Kevin Federline, will star in their very own reality show on UPN. The six episode series will document the nauseating details of the Spears-Federline courtship, engagement and wedding.

Spears, who has denied rumors that she's knocked up despite an expanding waistline, is out to prove that the media has her pegged all wrong. Oh, sure they do.

Personally, I'd rather watch porn featuring Kirstie Alley and John Goodman than this self-serving garbage.

NCAA Nets Strong Ratings

Last night's NCAA championship game between North Carolina and Illinois didn't disappoint on the court- or in the ratings.

Overnight ratings showed the game easily defeating the competiton. In fact, it was up 45% over last year's national championship game.

Overall, CBS led for the night, followed by Fox (on the strength of 24), NBC (Mork and Mindy: The Unauthorized Story) and ABC (the tanking Bachelor).

Gore Back In Current Events

Former Vice President Al Gore's upcoming cable channel has a name- and a launch date.

Current will debut on August 1st, and will target viewers between the ages 18 and 34.

Gore insists that Current will have no political agenda, saying "We have no intention of being a Democratic channel, a liberal channel or the TV version of Air America... it will have the point of view of the young generation."

Yeah, and he invented the internet, too.

24 in 99: 10:00pm- 11:00pm

Here's our 99 word recap of this week's 24.

On Airforce-1, Keeler plans to speak to the nation before 11 pm, once the plane lands. Anderson is airborne in the Stealth-Bomber. Marwan escapes his headquarters while CTU swarms. Bauer discovers Anderson's link to Marwan and goes to his apartment. Paul Raines is out of surgery and paralyzed. Tony discovers Michelle and Buchanan (from Division) are "involved." An imposter FBI agent and Bauer gun-battle in the apartment (guess who loses). Bauer discovers Anderson's in the plane, and tries to talk him out of his mission: Taking down Airforce-1. Too late... missles are fired! The plane is hit... going down...

24 in 99 airs every Tuesday.Click for more TV talk, at!

Tonight's Tube

TV is knee deep in "reality" tonight.

First, A&E has a combo of season premieres: Dog, the Bounty Hunter and Kneivel's Wild Ride. On the WB, it's the season finale of The Starlet. On Bravo, new outings of Project Greenlight and Queer Eye.

Oh, yeah, and I think that singing-talent-contest-dealy-o is on Fox.

TV on DVD: This Week's New Releases

Def Poetry: Season 2
The Greatest American Hero: Season Two
Queer As Folk: The Complete 4th Season (Boxed Set)
The West Wing: The Complete Fourth Season
The West Wing: The First Term (Set)

Monday Mouth Off! Solution

After her turn in a popular daytime soap, this actress' latest role really helped get her career in order. Who is she?

Answer: Law & Order's new ADA, Annie Parisse. Chung CHUNG!

Monday Trivia Solved: Seinfeld week, day 1

What was Jerry's address?

A) 246 E. 114th St
B) 16 W. 75th Street
C) 129 W. 81st Street
D) 1344 Queens Blvd

Answer: C) 129 W. 81st Street