Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fewer Cookies for Monster

Cookie Monster, the Sesame Street character who was always game for scarfing a bag of Chips Ahoy!, will start eating healthier this season.

He'll be part of Street's new multiyear story arc about healthy eating habits.

But what happens when he gets that first jones for a Mallomar? Will next season focus on addiction, withdrawal, and detox?

Daily Show, Deadwood, Tupperware! Nab Peabodys

One Night in Paris inexplicably ignored.

What a crime!

Daily DVD

Comedy Central has announced it's releasing a DVD boxed set of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's best moments.

Sure, The Daily Show is funny- but will the topical nature of the show play on DVD? Will gags from the 2004 Democratic and Republican national conventions be funny months... even years later?

Jennings Cancer: Stage III?

Peter Jennings' lung cancer may be in an advanced stage, a Philadelphia expert on the disease says.

Details of Jennings' condition haven't been disclosed, but his hoarse voice and the fact that he isn't having surgery immediately "suggests he could be in at least stage III" of lung cancer, the expert says.

Emmy Awards Cut Speeches Instead Of Awards

There'll be no major overhaul for the Emmy Awards- but expect some tweaking.

In an attempt to keep the awards show moving, Emmy officials have decided to eliminate acceptance speeches in eight writing and directing categories. The speeches will be replaced by brief pre-taped interviews as the winners walk to the stage.

Stars will still be allowed to blather unencumbered.

Another Future View Loudmouth Welcomed Into The World

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the irritating but tasty co-host of The View, officilally joined MILF-dom yesterday.

She gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces- roughly the same size as a typical Star Jones meal.

The baby's name will be revealed on today's show.

Get Lost! 4/6/05

Well, what to say! (SPOILERS FOLLOW) What a tease. ABC gives us this great new episode and head back to reruns next week... ugh!

So, Jack was married before the crash. And to Julie Bowen! (Jealous, Ed?) Yet another celebrity flashback guest star.

This episode should have been titled "Dr. Jack freaks out." All of a sudden the island has become ER and Kate has become Nurse Hathaway. Babies being born, legs being (nearly) severed, and blood being transfused (via porcupine).

I am quite surprised that Boone is headed for a dirt nap. I will deeply miss the nearly-incestuous taboo love scenes with him and Shannon. I was hoping to see a showdown between Boone and Sayid, with Sayid going all "medieval" on Boone's ass.

Where the hell is Locke? Is he inside the hatch? We'll have to wait to find out....

Claire's baby is gorgeous, and didn't sprout 2 heads as we expected. Where will the castaways shop for baby clothes?

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Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow: Week Thirteen

Welcome to Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow... our exclusive weekly tonsorial tally of the lovely and talented Jennifer Garner's Alias wigs.

Episode 4 x 14: "Nightingale"

There was one redeeming factor in tonight's episode, if you could stay awake through the interminable storyline about Jack and Sloane's secret, Vaughn and Syd's secret, and some face-melting nuke thingie: our damsel Syd in a cute Bavarian outfit and blonde wig- one of much higher quality than last week, I might add.

And J.J., if I may make a request: next time you send Syd to Munich, how about putting her in full, long braids and lederhosen. Just for me. Please?

"Nightingale" total: 1 wig

Season total:
12 wigs

Tonight's Tube

On Bravo tonight, a channel that really irked me by moving Project Greenlight to tonight with seemingly no warning, we also get Forty Deuce, their latest reality show. (Does one of these friggin' things premiere every hour, or is it me?) This one's about adult dancing... but it's Bravo- how much can they show?

Anything else on besides all this reality shite? Sure- you can watch Tru Calling on Fox... but would you really skip CSI just to see piece of ass Dushku in this horrendous (and already cancelled) kumquat? We didn't think so.

Wednesday Trivia Solved: Seinfeld week, day three

Which of the Desperate Housewives never appeared on Seinfeld?

A) Brenda Strong
B) Felicity Huffman
C) Marcia Cross
D) Teri Hatcher

Answer: B) Felicity Huffman

Sportztyme!: The Boys Of Summer

The greatest time of year is upon us again.

For those under the age of 8, December first usually signals the start of the Christmas season, and hopes of St. Nicholas loading up the family tree with all forms of wrapped dreams.

For those who plan their lives around the TV Guide, September holds the promise of new programming, both comedic and dramatic, except folks who watch the Sopranos, and have no idea when the next new episode might be finally ready for viewing. Who produces that show, Paul Masson?

For baseball fans, the first Monday in April almost always means the national pastime has returned to the diamonds and the DiamondVisions. I can't think of too many things that beat flipping to ESPN at 1pm on a run-of-the-mill Wednesday to see the Red Sox and Yankees meet for the umpteenth time. Even a game like Kansas City and Detroit, the have-nots and the got-nothings of the MLB can hold fans in rapt attention.

Thanks to the pervasiveness of today's cable, one can watch games from now until Braden Looper actually saves a game. It's the perfect antidote to reruns of CSI: Fort Wayne and Law and Order: Canine Retrieval Unit. You can theoretically watch for 12 hours, uninterrupted on a good day with a few extra innings thrown in. I haven't been this entertained since M*A*S*H was on 6 times a day.

It's a signal of spring's true arrival. A hint of the warm summer days and nights to come. The eternal hope of seeing every team with the same record and, mathematically, the same chance of winning it all. Well, everyone except the Cubs.

Watch all you can. Just turn the sound down if you're watching the White Sox. Those clowns will make you want to take a Randy Johnson fastball right off the mind.

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