Monday, April 18, 2005

Save Arrested!

Fox is launching its own campaign to save Arrested Development.

The network has set up a petition-type deal over at, where visitors can sign profess their love and devotion and sign an "Arrested Development Loyalty Oath." Bold

The show aired its season- and possibly series- finale last night. Fox will announce the future of the show no later than may 19th, at its annual upfront presentation.

Bush: No Regs For Cable Indecency

Finally some good news in the increasingly absurd indecency fight.

President Bush said through a spokesman that he does not support extending federal indecency regulations over cable and satellite television.

Thank god- I'll get to keep my Skinemax!

PTC Claims Networks Saying "F the V Chip"

The thought police are at it again.

A parents group that has fought indecent content on television says broadcasters often fail to apply the proper content ratings to their prime-time programs.

By mislabelling "offensive" content (leaving off ratings like L, S, V), the parents Television Council is frets that the V chip is rendered useless, and civilization could conceivably collapse because an 8 year old might hear the word "hell" on TV.

Television networks counter that they're labelling their shows compliantly, and said regulators were over-reaching.

This issue just won't go away. It's going to get scary.

Tom Snyder Still Alive

Who knew?

Apparently, though, he's sick. He was just diagnosed with leukemia.

His doctors say the chances are good he'll make a full recovery, live another 30 years, and produce more snooze-inducing television.

Deadwood: Almost Two Fucks Per Minute

Great site, tallying up the number of eff bombs per week on TV's saltiest show.

The Number of Fucks In Deadwood

Desperate For 99 Words: 4/17/05

Here's TVGeekSpeak's 99 word recap of this week's Desperate Housewives.

Carlos and Gabrielle are deeper entrenched in love's embrace via death threats, financial deprivation, and continued boinking of the (ex)gardener. Susan's slutty Mom brings a date back to the house, much to Susan's disapproval. Lynette and the neighbor she hates, Mrs. McKloskey, strike up an odd relationship after Lynette saves her life. Mike learns that the woman he's been looking for is the same one that's been hacked up and inside that toy chest for fifteen years. Bree tries to convert Andrew from Gayism to Catholicism, but doesn't know he's really just into secular Bi-ism. He's also a dick!

Mixer's Desperate for 99 Words appears every Monday- when he finishes boinking his young, studly gardener.