Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Idiot Box Poll Results: Celebrity Competitions

We asked: There's Celebrity Poker, Celebrity Bowling and even Celebrity Charades. What should the next star-filled TV competition be?

You answered:
Celebrity Date Rape- Live! 35%
Celebrity Circumcisions: Uncut 32%
Celebrity Grand Theft Auto 25%
Iron Chef: Celebrities Cannibalizing Celebrities 7%

NFL's TV Turnovers

Monday Night Football, one of prime-time TV's longest running shows,
is moving to ESPN in 2006.

And in a separate deal, NBC has nabbed ESPN's Sunday Night package.

ESPN will reportedly cough up $1.1 billion a year for MNF, while NBC will fork over $600 million per for 16 regular-season Sunday night games and the annual Thursday season opener.

It's good to see NBC Sports shelling out for some sports product for a change. Arena football just wasn't cuttin' it.

Desperate Hatred?

Do the actresses that play everybody's favorite Desperate Housewives really despise each other?

Or, as this article implies, does the media just like to make TV women appear bitchy?

We don't really care what the answer is- we love it either way. Meeee-OW!

Handicapping For Fall

Is your favorite show coming back for the fall?

Well, if it's Enterprise or JAG, you're shit out of luck. But what about cult faves like Arrested Development? What about long-running veterans like Judging Amy? What about total crap like Listen Up?

Here's a great primer of on the bubble shows and their prospects for renewal.

Will They Survive The First year?

A two-hour prime-time special on the wedding of CBS' Survivor contestii Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich (can I buy a vowel?) will air May 24, the network announced Tuesday.

As if anyone cares.

They are now contestants on the seventh season of CBS' "The Amazing Race."

Today Sees GMA In Rear View Mirror

487 weeks ago, back when Katie wasn't annoying, Matt still had hair and Al Roker looked like he just ate Willard Scott, viewers first made NBC's Today its top morning show. And it's remained in the top slot ever since- but that may be about to change.

ABC's revitalized Good Morning America is closing the gap in the wake-up wars. That wouldn't be good news for the Peacock, since Today is NBC's most profitable show.

ABC can thank its strengthening prime time schedule for the goose, just as NBC can blame its sagging ratings.

4/19: This Date In Wendie Jo Sperber History

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the release of one of Wendie's crowning achievements: Moving Violations.

It grossed $10,627,754.

24 in 99: 12:00am-1:00am

Here's's 99 word recap of this week's 24.

Marwan's on the run (AGAIN!) but one of his henchmen used his credit card at a gas station (SMART). CTU finds him and traces him to an L.A. marina. VP Logan is sworn in as President. Tony and Michelle begin to flirt. Joe Prado is captured off the boat, he was aiding the henchman. He's taken to CTU for interritorturing. Marwan calls "Amnesty Global" to serve as Prado's legal aide. Bald-Lawyer-Man keeps Curtis at bay. Jack decides to go renegade to get the info while Prado is released. Jack learns of Marwan's location... until next week... when Palmer returns!

Monday Trivia: The Sopranos week, day 1

How is Christopher related to Tony?

A) Christopher's dad was Tony's first cousin.
B) Christopher is Carmela's nephew.
C) Tony is Christopher's uncle.
D) There's no family connection at all.

Answer: B) Christopher is Carmela's nephew.

Monday Mouth Off!

This occasional sitcom guest star is anything but squeaky clean, no matter how hard she scrubs. But she sure is fun to read about! Who is she?

Answer: Tara Reid.

Geek/CounterGeek: The HDTV Debate

To HD- or not HD? This week's Geek/CounterGeek tackles the question.

Geek: HDTV– Get It Now

HDTV has been a long time coming.

I remember visiting the Phillips lab in 1990 and seeing working HD. One of the developers said to me "In five years, TV will be all HD." OK, so he was off by 10 or so years.

In the past few years, HD has really taken off. There is more programming, a variety of sets are available in a wide price range and consumers are catching on. There’s no reason to wait any longer: if you haven’t already, get HD. Now, dammit!

CounterGeek: HDTV– Wait A Minute

I have to admit, even though I’m known to my friends as a gadget freak, I’ve yet to take the jump to HD. Even my wife, who isn’t usually agreeable to my purchases, is begging for an HD set.

Last week I was visiting my brother, who has HD cable. As a flipped through the designated HD stations, I was shocked to discover that most of the "HD" programming was not widescreen. Much of it was "pillar-boxed," which means you had black bars to the right and left of the picture. Some channels inserted static graphics in this space, for example "ESPN in HD." But it’s not HD! It is, in fact, 4:3 regular TV up-converted to HD.

Until there is more true HD programming and the sets become more cost effective, I’m putting the brakes on my HDTV purchase.

Vito writes Geek/CounterGeek every Tuesday while watching his TiVo in front of a 5" black and white set.