Monday, May 02, 2005

Arrested Wins USA Today "Save Our Shows" Campaign

USA Today's eighth annual Save Our Shows poll reveals viewers really want to save cult comedy Arrested Development. 66% of the nearly 54,000 respondents demanded that Fox to renew the series, widely rumored to be headed to cancellation. Just 12% wanted it axed, by far the lowest total of any series in the poll.

The second-biggest vote-getter: CBS' Joan of Arcadia, at 40%. Last year, Star Trek: Enterprise won a record 70% support and avoided getting the chop - momentarily. Its run ends next week.

Networks will reveal the fate of bubble shows when they unveil their fall lineups to advertisers in New York in two weeks.

Drudge: Paula in Big Trouble at Idol

The Drudge Report says Paula Abdul's status as an American Idol judge may be in jeopardy.

They report that the upcoming ABCNEWS/Primetime Live special claims Abdul personally "coached" a favorite contestant and then tried to cover up the breach.

Go to Drudge to read the whole story.

MSNBC - MS = NBC News Channel?

The rumors persist that Microsoft may finally be about to pull out of limping cable news channel MSNBC.

Various reports say the cable net is ready to change its name to NBC News Channel.

It's been reported for awhile that NBC and Microsoft (the "MS" part of MSNBC) were negotiating to end their nine-year partnership for the channel.

A&E Pisses Off Kentuckians

Residents of Pikeville, Kentucky are demanding an apology from A&E after an episode of City Confidential labeled them "the town from hell."

City Manager Donovan Blackburn objected to the town's portrayal as a hillbilly haven, a stereotype people throughout the region have fought vigorously to overcome.

Bzzt! Try again. Losing the confederate flags might help.

The Geek Files: David James Elliot 'Ships out

Before watching the JAG series finale, I planned on writing a column about my reactions to however the Harm/Mac 'ship was finally going to be resolved.  Having seen it now, I found a much more important topic to be discussed.  David James Elliot is, by far, the WORST on-screen kisser I have ever seen.  The man is obviously beautiful.

Just look at him shaking hands with my guy, Duchovny.  Hott.  The cliched, but all too appropriate, "tall, dark and handsome" comes to mind and is all the more fitting with DJE as a Naval Captain kissing his new fiancée. 

Unfortunately, the effect amounts to a war crime.  Catherine Bell seems to undergo some sort of torture under the awkwardness of DJE.  I actually had to cover my eyes as if I was watching a horror movie!  Even in the flashback scene of the greatest shipper moment of the show had me both laughing and turning away in disgust. 

It's a shame that a man who looks that fine in military dress whites just cannot lock lips with any style.  I suggest the slightest of head tilts.  Maybe that will work.  Feel free call my cell, DJE, day or night.  I'd be happy to teach you the right way. 

C'mon... I never said I'd kick him out of bed because of it.

Desperate for 99 Words: 5/1/05

Here's this week's 99 word recap of Desperate Housewives.

Gabrielle vomits and discovers a "bun in the oven." Who’s the Daddy? She also finds out about Carlos’ pill tampering. Brie still wants to hang out with psycho George, but asshole Rex refuses. Lynette finds out that Tom’s ex-girlfriend has been working for him for three months without her knowledge. Snide, bitchy quips between the ladies ensue. Paul confronts Susan about snooping in his house. After her kitchen blows up, she thinks he is responsible. Creepy, yet misunderstood Zack longs for Julie, but he’s dissed and dismissed. A handful of gravel launched at Susan’s face didn’t help the situation.

Desperate for 99 words, occasionally dripping with Gabrielle's vomit, airs every Monday.

Monday "Mouth Off!" Solution

There's much affection out there for this star of a soon-to-depart hit show. Who is it?

Answer: Easy one... Ray Romano!