Monday, May 23, 2005

Reid It and Weep: Tara's Wild On E!

Uberskank Tara Reid, who clearly can't get any movie roles since the American Pie series was mothballed, will host E's partycast Wild On....

Was there ever a more perfect person for a job? Hopefully she'll get good and tanked and flash us one of them nasty fake boobs. You know, for sweeps.

The new season debuts in August.

Comedy Central: "We'll Live Without Chappelle"

Comedy Central says the last minute shelving of Chappelle's Show didn't hurt them too badly (sign-up required).

Even though they spent millions on an extensive marketing campaign, they were able to salvage all but 15% of it. And the unsalvagable ads mentioned the release of the Chappelle's Show Season Two DVDs, so they weren't a complete loss.

Comedy Central has replaced Chappelle's Tuesday slot with Reno 911, another of its highest-rated programs.

CBS: Where News Meets Entertainment

Looking to fix Evening News, CBS is looking to some entertainment types for advice.

In a recent meeting held to discuss the future of the show, execs from Dr. Phil and The Insider gave their two cents. (These are shows to solicit advice from?)

Bob Scheiffer took over for the deposed Dan Rather a few months ago, and while ratings have stayed pretty flat, CBS neckties are nonetheless happier with the show's direction.

Ellen Dances Into the Winner's Circle

While Tony Danza may win the award for most offensive italian stereotypes on a daytime TV show, Ellen DeGeneres wins the ones that truly matters.

Her talk show swept the Daytime Emmy awards on Friday. She was honored as best talk show host for the first time.

Jeopardy!— with a boost from Ken Jennings' 74-game winning streak — was honored as best game show, while Meredith Vieira won her first Emmy as best game show host for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

General Hospital won a record-setting eighth Daytime Emmy as best drama.

Beauty and the Meek

Ads for the upcoming WB reality TV series Beauty and the Geek were rejected by two weekly magazines at sister company Time Inc. because they were too sexy and provocative.

People and Entertainment Weekly passed on the ads, which featured a geeky dude suspended from a sizzlin' hot model's ample sweater meat. The sanitized ads in the Time Inc.-owned mags showed the same broad, but with only a pair of dorky black glasses instead of the geek himself.

For me, the most offensive part is where it says "Executive Producer Ashton Kutcher."

Desperate For 99 Words: 5/23/05

Here's our 99 word recap of this week's Desperate Housewives.

This week, we finally get to see what went down between Mary Alice, Paul, Deirdre, and (sanity challenged) Dana-Zach. Rex dies thinking Bree poisoned him. John tells Carlos he's been shtooping Gabrielle. Tom tells Lynette she's gotta go back to work while he's the stay at home Dad. And now, feel the wrath of the Dana-Zach attack! He beats the living crap out of Felicia. Then, he holds Susan at gunpoint, so he can be there to shoot Mike when he gets home! He thinks Mike killed his Dad, but he didn't. Why does everyone lie to Dana-Zach. WHY?!!!??

Mixer's Desperate for 99 Words will return in the fall.

The Geek Files: The Dorm Room

There are moments in our lives that we're meant to remember with fondness; cherish with longing. As my workload quadruples in my current office, I'm reminded of a simpler time of beanbag chairs in the dorm room. No, no. Not college. My old job; job that lovingly provided office space to three producers in one tiny room formerly used as the prop closet. (Notice the word "closet.")

Obviously windowless, this room had the fascinating ability to bounce one remote control's signal off a wall and control three TVs at once. Screening programs for work became problematic since fast-forwarding your show inevitably fast-forwarded that of your co-worker. This was, in turn, loads of fun and entirely annoying.

But at five o'clock every evening it was all fun. The remote was used to full effect by turning all three televisions to PAX. Even crappy PAX had some good shows back in the day and at 5pm the best of the best aired. Yes, Scarecrow and Mrs. King! We watched Lee and Amanda argue, fall in love, travel to Europe for sweeps, get married, jump the shark and do it all over again - all cooped up in our "dorm-room" with beanbag chairs and popcorn.

Ah, office life. How I long for the good ole days outside of my cubicle and in the dorm-room.

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