Tuesday, May 24, 2005

24 in 198: 5:00am-7:00am

Mandy has Tony captured, and tries to blackmail Michelle into helping her escape. Nope, Michelle tells Buchanan ... Mandy needs to believe that she hasn't told anyone. A path is cleared... they escape to a car, which then BLOWS UP! Tony dead?! Nope. It wasn't them. CTU figures this out, finds the real location, and takes her down and captures her! Mandy wants immunity to give up Marwan, which she gets. CTU corners Marwan trying to escape, but he jumps off the building. Jack grabs but can't hold him - buh-bye Marwan. Chloe recovers Marwan's PDA, which shows the missile headed for Los Angeles. Military-dudes find it and shoot it down! Audrey breaks up with Jack. The Chinese nab Howard Burns, who rats out Bauer. Logan tells Palmer that Bauer must be turned over to the Chinese. Palmer tells Jack that he's taking the fall... but later lets Jack know that he's been MARKED FOR DEATH by the Secret Service. An Agent comes for Jack, shoots and kill him, and leaves. Surprise - Jack's not dead! He is brought "back to life" by Tony, Michelle and Chloe. Tony drives the-very-alive-Jack away from CTU. Jack walks into the sunset....

Navarro's New Gig

Former Red Hot Chili Pepper and ace Celebrity Poker shark Dave Navarro will take a break from copulating with super-hott wife Carmen Electra to host CBS' Rock Star: INXS.

Navarro will be team with Brooke Burke, helping sift through lead singer wannabes on the upcoming CBS reality series. The winner gets to tour and cut an album with the members of rock band INXS- that is, the ones who are still alive.

Rock Star: INXS premieres on July 11 at 9pm ET.

Sciorra Goes Chung CHUNG!

Continuing the influx of Sopranos actors to NBC's Law & Order franchise, Annabella Sciorra has agreed to join Law & Order: Criminal Intent alongside Chris Noth next season. Sciorra will play detective Mike Logan's (Noth) partner.

This fall, Noth and Sciorra will alternate with CI's current series stars, Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe. Each pair will front 11 of the season's 22 episodes.

No word whether her character will throw a roast beef at Noth's head.

KenJen: Make Us Laugh!

Comedy Central is developing a game show featuring former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, who shattered game-show records last year by winning $2.5 million.

The untitled project is expected to premiere by the end of the year. Can you feel the excitement?

Dave, Why Won't You Call?

Comedy Central's Dave Chappelle has snuck back into the states.

The flipped-out mega millionaire, who ran away to South Africa late last month, was spotted last week in his home town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, according to the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News.

But network says he hasn't called yet to restart production on season three of Chappelle's Show.

Everybody Loves A Finale On DVD

If you're like me, you were busy watching 24 and missed last week's finale of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Well, don't fret: it's out on DVD today. It's just ten bucks- and includes the pilot as well! Such a deal!

Other TV on DVD releases today:

✪ Airwolf: Season One (Pusher LOVES Airwolf)
The Andy Griffith Show: Season Two (5-disc set)
Batman: The Animated Series: Vol. 3 (4-disc set)
Behind the Camera: Charlie's Angels Unauthorized Story (2004)
✪ Chappelle's Show: Season Two Uncensored
Combat!: Season #4: Conflict #1
Combat!: Season #4: Conflict #2
The Cosby Show: Season One (4-disc set)
✪ The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Complete Series
Fat Actress: Season One (2-disc set) (2005)
The Job: The Complete Series (4-disc set)
Law & Order: The Third Year (3-disc set)
M*A*S*H: Season Eight
✪ NewsRadio: Seasons 1-2 (3-disc set) (1995)
Samurai Jack: Season Two
SpongeBob SquarePants: Fear of the Krabby Patty
Superfriends: Season Two

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