Monday, May 30, 2005

J-Gar's Preggo, but not Sidney Bristow

Don't expect Sidney Bristow to be preggers on next season's Alias.

Series Creator J.J. Abrams tells TV Guide that the show will utilize close up shots and well placed props to hide Jennifer Garner's (rumored) pregnancy.

Perhaps if she hides behind the Rambaldi Device...

Sopranos... coming ever?

Last night, HBO screened some "behind-the-scenes" footage of the 6th Season of "The Sopranos" in between "Empire Falls" Parts 1 and 2.

It's comforting to know that there's only 5 more years to go until Season 6 debuts.

CNN's O'Brien Nearly Buck Rogers

CNN's Miles O'Brien would have possibly become, if not for the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, the first journalist in Space.

Silent since then, he finally spoke about just how close his dream came to reality last week.

Of course, there are TV anchors we would LIKE to see jettisoned into deep space, with or without a shuttle.

Ebersol to run NBC News?

Is Dick Ebersol in the running to take over the Presidency of NBC News?

Rumors are circulating that point to just such a transition occuring once Neil Shapiro resigns or is forced out of his post.

If appointed, Ebersol would become the first network sports president to add news responsibilities to his dossier since Roone Arledge did so at ABC in the 70's.

With NBC Sport(s) becoming less and less of a presence covering "big time" sports (although they are getting the NFL back in 2006 on Sunday nights) and no Summer Olympics til '08, one would think he has some time to spare to take on a 2nd job.