Tuesday, May 31, 2005

TVGeekSpeak Salutes CNN

Happy 25th anniversary to CNN, which began its quest to overtake Fox News on this date in 1980.

Fast Cars and Fast Women

Ratings for ABC's coverage of the Indianapolis 500 shot up 40% from last year, no doubt due to the coverage of Indy Speed Queen/Rookie Danica Patrick's nearly-victorious performance.

In other news, NASCAR announced a bikini lap is being added to the Coca-Cola 600 next year.

Joan needs more than a prayer

Don't mess with Joan of Arcadia fans.

Outraged by the cancellation of their show by CBS, they've launched a website to convince the show's distributor, Sony Entertainment, to take the show elsewhere.

There's a very small chance they might succeed here - actors remain under contract until mid-June - but keep in mind that Joan draws a much older audience than networks like, making their chances of success very suspect.