Friday, June 10, 2005

Geek of the Week

This week's winner is sports analyst Al Michaels who, in addition to demanding big bucks, wants a private jet to be part of any NFL TV deal he makes with NBC or ESPN in 2006.

That's a stark contrast from his broadcast partner John Madden, whose lavish travel requirement is a bus.

Apparently, Michaels is legendary in for needing special treatment, starting with the requirement he must stay in the finest hotels. Since Michaels is the NFL's top play-by-player, ESPN and NBC may entertain his "request."

GMA tops Today in Zogby Poll; Katie and Diane in Dead Heat

In the tightening battle for top morning news program, ABC’s Good Morning America has edged out NBC’s Today in a new Zogby poll.

According to the results, 20% of American adults prefer the ABC show to its NBC counterpart (19%). Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends was the third-ranked show (13%), with CBS’ Early Show (5%) fourth.

The same poll puts GMA's Diane Sawyer in a dead heat with Today’s Katie Couric, with each pulling down 17% as favorite morning personality. Today show weatherman Al Roker was third, followed by Matt Lauer, Charlie Gibson, and Harry Smith.

40% of the respondents don't watch any morning shows- or are just too damned embarrassed to admit it.

Cheating with the Stars

Reality whore Trista Sutter was the first to get booted from the surprise hit Dancing with the Stars this week, despite an email campaign encouraging friends to vote for her multiple times.

Sutter, who has appeared on three other reality shows including The Bachelorette, apparently wanted to say on what has become the hottest show of the summer for as long as possible.

ESPY Awards Get A Host

Matthew Perry, former star of Friends who clearly has time to kill, has signed on to host the ESPY Awards.

Perry is a former Canadian junior tennis player, which, in addition to delivering wise-ass lines written for him on a sit-com, somehow qualifies him to host one of the most pointless awards shows on television.

Shocker: Men Watching TV More Than Thought

New electronic people meters introduced by Nielsen show that more people- men in particular- are watching more television than was recorded in the old, paper-diary system.

Wow! You mean men watch a lot of TV? Shocking!

Weekend Tube

Congratulations, Spike TV! You're debuting the 100th new reality show of the summer tonight- and it's only June 10th! NBA Rookies follows around a few freshman hoops players. And on HBO, P. Diddy Presents The Bad Boys of Comedy. Oh, does he now?

Sunday's premieres include the underrated Dead Zone on USA, and the unwatchable Missing and Strong Medicine (featuring new cast member Rick Schroder) on Lifetime.

Aching News: A Host of Happenings in Cable News

From the Desk of MC Hatorade at United Press International:

Hey CNN, is that all you got?

So, it appears that Bob (I like to answer the question with my question) Costas, is headed to CNN to fill in for Larry King from time to time.

Congratulations CNN! You are now the home of one of the most oversold/overrated people in the history of television. How many shows can one guy have that don't pull in ratings, and please don't say that Inside the NFL is a hit. That show was a proven winner for years even with the dull Len Dawson.

Oh, but Costas is that "smart," sports guy. Well, compared to Michael Irvin and Pat Summerall he's smart. But he's such a good interviewer. Really? What makes a good interview? Quick, smart questions, and good banter, not overly verbose diatribes that people like Costas use to show how well-read or informed they are. For my money, Howard Stern is the best interviewer on the planet, not Bob Costas.

Oh, and let's see how Tucker Carlson does on MSNBC. Yours truly believes that Jon Stewart was the real jerk in that famous confrontation that lead to Tucker getting the boot. Love him or hate him, Tucker deserves another shot. Let's see if he can make the most of his new gig.

Until next week, pour yourself a tall glass of hate, shut up, and eat your cereal.