Thursday, June 23, 2005

Coming To A Theater Near You

Think you've seen the last of big-screen adaptations of feature films? Not even close.

Bewitched hits the big screen this week, and adaptations of Miami Vice (with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx), Wonder Woman, Land of the Lost, The Simpsons, The Six Million Dollar Man and The A-Team are all on the way.

A 24 flick may also be coming soon.

Me? I'm waiting for that Manimal revival.

Step Away From The Paprika!

Are you one of the lousiest cooks in America? Martha Stewart wants you.

The felonious domestic diva is looking for the worst of the worst to appear on an upcoming episode of her new syndicated daily talk show. Her goal: to transform them into competent chefs. Or at least make them better in the kitchen than my mother in law, who's allergic to seasonings and lethal with a ladle. (rimshots, please!)

If you want to apply, send an e-mail to

Singing With The Stars

More celebrity reality hell:

Fox is nearing a deal for a celebrity spinoff of American Idol.

Celebrity Idol would be broadcast as a 10-episode "event" over the course of a couple of weeks. 10 well-known stars not known for their vocal ability will compete, with the winner getting $1 million for their favorite charity.

The good news: the winner couldn't possiby be worse than Kelly Clarkson.

Peacock: No Panic

Top NBC honcho Jeff Zucker admits its prime time slump cost the network $900 million in advertising sales- but "there's no panic."

He's confident a revived Today show, along with other strengths of the company, company's overall strength will pull it through this rough road.

The network fell from from first to fourth place this season among viewers in the prized 18 to 49 demo.