Tuesday, June 28, 2005

HBO Don't Like Mondays

HBO is abandoning its attempt to build Monday as a new night of programming.

Anchored by the fading, dying Six Feet Under, the network has been trying to expand its Sunday success to a new night. It ain't working: Under is averaging just 2.2 million viewers.

HBO will move the mega-mopefest back to Sundays beginning July 10th.

Here She Is- Miss America. Yee-HA!

The Miss America Pageant is replacing its tiaras with cowboy hats. Well, not literally.

But the embattled pageant has found a new home on cable's CMT. The first show will air in January 2006.

It's unclear what repercussions this will have on the actual pageant: a line dancing competition? Fiddle playin'? Doggie-ropin'? And if Miss New York wins, will Southern contestants leap off their mechanical bulls and start a bar brawl? Stay tuned...

FX Crashes Into New Series

FX is looking to add another edgy drama to its growing slate.

The network is developing a series based on the hit film Crash. The small, indie-minded film has earned almost $50 million in theaters.

Don Cheadle, one of the stars of the flick, is likely to appear in and direct several episodes of the project if it's picked up. Sources said talks are under way with other cast members, including Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser and rapper Ludacris.

No mention of Tony Danza? I'm shocked!

Gay Today?

For the first time, Today's annual wedding contest will be open to same-sex couples.

In previous years, the ceremonies took place in a chosen location. For this year's event, the ceremony will be held in the winning couple's hometown, and if gay marriage is legal there, it's okay with Today.

Of course, the show is being weaselly about it: "Today is not taking a stand for or against same-sex marriage," a spokeswoman says. "We're just clarifying the rules based on new developments in the law. Anyone who can legally get married should be able to participate."

Entries and rules for the contest can be found on The wedding is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 16 on Today.

TV Newsies: "Trust Us"

A surprising new study condducted by The Pew Research Center for People and the Press shows people trust the mainstream media more than you think.

The study found that 79% view local TV and national cable TV news favorably. 75% did the same for broadcast network news.

0% mentioned TVGeekSpeak at all. Dammit.

Abdul Tough as Nails for Cause

Clearly out to fight the notion that TV stars are shallow, vapid bores of entitlement, American Idol judge Paula Abdul urged California legislators to force nail salons to clean up their act yesterday.

Abdul said a trip in April 2004 to a Studio City nail shop that used unclean equipment sent her in and out of the hospital, and made her the butt of late-night talk show jokes.

We applaud Abdul for her thin-skinned fight. Who needs to protest global warming, the war in Iraq, or world hunger when such a deep, noble cause is being left unfought?

Tonight's Tube

Tonight, Michael Ian Black makes his triumphant return to television in Comedy Central's sketch show Stella.

Man, I wish they'd release Viva Variety on DVD. That shit was funny, yo.

99 Words Under: "Time Flies"

Here's this week's 99 word recap of Six Feet Under.

Brenda tells Nate she’s preggers but is pissed by his reaction. David and Keith hire their nutty surrogate. Later, David nearly boinks a hairdresser, but listens to his conscience. Federico and Vanessa screw after a family dinner. At Nate’s 40th birthday party, he reveals the pregnancy, infuriating Brenda. Unmedicated Billy describes a ripped open ball sack. Ruth says a few touching words and yells at Claire. Drunken, angry Nate kills a bird in the kitchen. George confronts Ruth about her distaste for his insanity. Claire boinks a divorcee, causing Billy to get unbelievably freaky. Will the fun ever end?

Greta Passes O'Reilly

Greta Van Susteren's reporting from Aruba last week about the case of missing teen Natalee Holloway paid off.

It put her On the Record as hosting the most-watched show on cable news, beating longtime champ The O'Reilly Factor

Greta celebrated by having three more facelifts over the weekend.