Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Shelved Jacko Special: Back to the Future?

A two year old shelved TV special that focuses on Michael Jackson's music and performances is once again being shopped to American networks.

The Michael Jackson Story was pulled off the air in November 2003 just hours before it aired on British TV after police raided Neverland Ranch. The special apparently makes no mention of Jackson's earlier legal troubles.

Friends and family of the Gloved One gladly cooperated with the special.

It'll be interesting to see if a network picks this up. I know he was found not guilty, but MJ was definitely up to something and I don't want to see or hear any special about any part of his life.

NBC Dials 911 on 9/11

NBC has dropped plans for a miniseriesbased on the best-selling official narrative of the September 11 attacks.

An NBC insider said the shelving was partially due to a a similar program that ABC was rushing onto its airwaves first. The $20 million pricetag sure didn't help, either

The network is allowing producers to shop the project to cable networks.

Cellblock, Sweet Cellblock

Martha Stewart has been trolling Craigslist for someone to host yet another home renovation show.

Wanna host? You "must have extensive experience and/or passion/knowledge of home renovation; television experience a plus but not necessary; be available for shooting beginning in September for 3 months, be lively and energetic but also compassionate and able to interact with a diverse group of women; and can be a male or female of any age," the ad says.

Also, ability to remove tracking anklets a plus.

The show has neither a network nor a title at this point.

More Live 8 Coverage

ABC television will air two hours of highlights from the Live 8 concerts in prime time.

The special, airing July 2, will include performances by Paul McCartney, U2 and Coldplay, the network said.

More extensive coverage can be watched on cable's MTV and VH1.

Thank God He's A Country Boy

First, Miss America went country (by moving to CMT). Now, it's the horridly untalented Will Hung's turn.

Hung, a losing American Idol contestant who just refuses to go away (despite our pleading), has recruited Billy Ray Cyrus to appear in the video of his version of "Achy Breaky Heart." Just when you thought that particularly hideous ditty couldn't possibly be any less listenable.

Who the hell would air such a video? Even CMT must have standards?

6/29: This Date In Wendie Jo Sperber History

On June 29, 1984, Wendie debuted as Dr. Tina Gassko in the Tom Hanks classic Bachelor Party.

It eventually grossed $38,435,947 and gave Wendie her most nuanced role: as a proctologist with a strong right hook who digs male strippers.

Screw Philadelphia: Hanks deserved an Oscar for this masterpiece.