Monday, July 11, 2005

Tonight's Tube

I'm turned off by the "contestants living in a house" concept, but I used to love INXS. So what choice do I have but to give Rock Star: INXS a try? I guess if it sucks, I could hang myself on a hotel room doorknob... you know, for ironic effect.

99 Words Under: The Rainbow of Her Reasons

Here's our 99 word recap of this week's Six Feet Under.

Nate grieves the loss of the Fiona, his mother’s friend and the first chick he ever banged. As their monstrous foster kids destroy their house, Keith wants to ditch them; David wants to make it work. Billy continues his unhealthy and uninteresting obsession with Claire. Ruth gets some weed from Claire, and the two make up. Claire loses her grant, joins the corporate world as a temp, and hates it. After Vanessa hires and fires an insane nanny, she invites Federico to move back in. George catches on to Ruth’s plan to dump him, and lays on the guilt.