Tuesday, July 12, 2005

99 Word Review: Rock Star INXS

This show could have been called Last Singer Standing, as it closely resembles the now-cancelled NBC comic competition. All the reality trappings are here: contestants live together! Contestants badmouth their brethren! Contestants slink off with suitcase, dejectedly, when dismissed! But it's no Idol: these wannabes can (mostly) sing, even if they can’t always remember the lyrics. Sure, it’s still a crappy reality show, but it’s watchable- especially with the aid of a trusty DVR. And when people ask why I’m breaking my “no reality” rule to watch it, I can simply say “The Devil Inside made me do it.”

TVGS rating: 2.5 test patterns (out of 4)

Time Has Come Today

After a rough few months, things are finally heating up for NBC's new Today management team.

The show has reversed the months of ratings erosion, and even upticked a bit. We're sure the neckties at 30 Rock are breathing easier.

Nielsen Media Research is expected to confirm Thursday that Today has been the top-rated morning show for 500 consecutive weeks since December 1995.

As an aside, look at that picture: Man, is Matt friggin' BALD or what?

Monk Kicks Ass

Tony Shalhoub has nothing to be ashamed of.

USA's Monk returned for its fourth season Friday- to its highest premiere ratings yet.

The episode drew 6.4 million total viewers, putting it atop all basic cable original series in the coveted adults 25-54 demographic for the week.

Take that, Bitty Schram.

Comedy Central Scrubs Up

Comedy Central, which is not known for acquiring rights to network shows, announced it has bought reruns of NBC's hilarious Scrubs. They'll start airing in fall 2006.

The sitcom, which has never garnered a huge audience despite being one of most consistently creative comedies on TV, will likely air multiple times on the network.

Forget Paris

ABC's unwatchable The Bachelor, now heading into its eighth edition, is heading to Paris for its next incarnation.

The series, which nabbed a surprising renewal in May, will premiere in January.

Lucky us!

Simpsons vs. Family Guy

Remember, guns don't kill people... cartoon brawls do.

Wrestling With Bad Taste

UPN's inexplicably popular wrestling kumquat Smackdown, always conscious of the political climate, aired some vaguely terror-themed hijinks last Thursday- coincidentally, the same day as terrorists killed more than 50 people in London.

WWE execs gave UPN a heads-up about the sketch, which was edited out in Europe. It ran here with a crawl that said: "In light of today's tragic events in London, parental discretion is advised in viewing tonight's episode."

Well, yeah.