Wednesday, July 13, 2005

That Old TV Of Yours Is About To Become A Doorstop

Broadcasters on Tuesday agreed to stop transmitting analog signals in 2009. So what? Well, your current TV set may be rendered useless, that's what.

Most current TV sets can't receive over-the-air digital signals without an adapter, which you'll need when the analog signals go bye-bye. The cost? $50 to $75 per set. (Or just get cable.)

Broadcasters had been resisting a government mandate to switch completely to digital, which is sure to leave many viewers annoyed when the changeover happens.

The flipside: crisp pictures, vibrant colors and clear sound. And the government will make a bunch of cash when it auctions off the newly unused frequencies- meaning tax cuts for all!

Yeah, right.

WB Afternoons: Pokemon Out, ER, 8 Simple Rules In

The daily two-hour WB Kids! afternoon programming block, which features the formerly popular Pokemon (you know you love it) is worm food.

Come January, the 'toon filled slate will be replaced by back-to-back repeats of the equally juvenile 8 Simple Rules and unwatchable crapfest ER.

Screw it. Is Jerry Springer on the other channel?

CBS News To Embrace The Internets

Amid its worst PR year in a long time, CBS News is looking ahead- finally.

The organization, despite its loyal following among white-haireds, said Tuesday it's making a major commitment to the Internet. How major, you ask? Executives say will have assloads of original reporting online, more than others including CNN, ABC News and Fox News.

There also will be a blog, called Public Eye, which will presumably provide insights into CBS News' biased decision-making process.

Murder in the Ratings

The latest Lifetime flick, Murder in the Hamptons. really knocked 'em dead.

It bagged nearly 5 million viewers Monday night- tying something called Odd Girl Out, which we didn't watch either, as Lifetime's top-rated original movie of the year.

The movie stars Without a Trace's Poppy Montgomery.

Brat Camp: Redundant?

Kind of a "no duh" title for the reality show debuting on ABC tonight, no?

Isn't that like calling something a "Disgusting Goiter," "Bad Kelly Clarkson Song" or "Unwatchable Reality Show?"

But at least ABC isn't expoiting these troubled kids for ratings. That just wouldn't be right, would it?