Friday, July 15, 2005

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Geek of the Week

Hott, hott, shunned, sizzlin' hott Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria gets hosed again, as she fails to score an Emmy nomination for her mouth-watering work on the heavily nominated "comedy."

If she needs a place to go on Emmy night, she knows who to call. I'm in the book.

Where's Dave? Comedy Central Has No Idea, Bitch!

Comedy Central's programming head Doug Herzog says he still has no idea when Chappelle's Show will return to the network.

A resolution has yet to be worked out to get new episodes of back on the air after its $50 million man, Dave Chappelle, abruptly stopped work on the series two months ago.

Still, Herzog said Comedy Central is holding its own in the ratings and is actually up a bit.

"We didn't go backward without him, which was a great fear," Herzog said. "It's no question that it (the ratings) would be much better with Dave Chappelle."

GSN Goes Poker Crazy

After realizing nobody could possibly enjoy a televised game of Blackjack, GSN has decided to go all-in with a slew of new Poker shows.

The James Woods Gang vs. The Unabombers in Poker Royale will pit teams led by Woods and Phil "The Unabomber" Laak against each other in a No Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament.

Also on tap: Poker Royale: Battle of the Ages, where pro players over 60 lock horns with sub-30 year old wippersnappers; and pilots for Annie Duke Takes on the World, in which four amateurs compete for the chance to play one-on-one against Duke, who will taunt her opponents, and Phil Hellmuth Poker, which will attempt to teach newbies the skills of high stakes poker.

I can teach them, too- for a fee.

Cast, Crew of Scrubs Celebrates Nomination; Still Not On Schedule

How annoyed and underappreciated are the cast and crew of Scrubs.

How it must feel to consistently deliver one of the most creative comedies on TV, weather countless time slot shifts, and nab an Emmy nomination for Best Comedy, all while still waiting to hear when you'll get on NBC's fall schedule? It's a travesty.

Hopefully NBC will show some props and get the show on the air pronto.

Extra! Extra!

Hey, Office freaks (only BBC aficionados need read on):

The New York Post has printed the first picture of Ricky Gervais' new "character", a movie extra, from his cleverly named upcoming new series Extras.

That's Kate Winslet in the nun gear.

The show premieres on HBO this fall. The BBC begins its run in the UK next week.

It Pays To Be a Brat- At Least on ABC

Scoffing at critics who call it exploitative, ABC clearly has another summer reality hit on its hands.

The premiere of Brat Camp on Wednesday locked up more than 10 million viewers, making it the third-highest reality debut this summer. Only Dancing with the Stars and Hit Me Baby One More Time drew more.

Happy 9th Birthday, MSNBC

Wishing a happy freakin' anniv to our friends in Secaucus at Mizz-ne-bick. Maybe they'll celebrate their 10th as "NBC NewsChannel"?

For the nostalgic among us, here's how things have changed in 10 years: see what the first ever MSNBC.COM homepage looked like, as well as a screen grabs (#1, #2) from day one on the air.

Kinda looks like a Members Only jacket, no?

Adam Buckman: Eff the Emmys

Interesting analysis on yesterday's occasionally bizarre Emmy nominations from the NY Post's Adam Buckman. Check it out.

The G is for Grouchy

Ali G, who makes his living being a pain in the ass to unsuspecting victims, allegedly tried to choke a New York Daily News photographer at the premiere party for his fiancée's new film, Wedding Crashers.

The comedian, played by SaCha Baron Cohen, who plays the character, held onto the fotog's neck and warned him not to take his photo without asking.

The photographer has not decided whether to press charges.