Friday, July 22, 2005

99 Words Under: "The Silence"

Here's our 99 word recap of the latest episode of Six Feet Under

Tests have Brenda and Nate worried about their unborn child's health. Brenda refuses an amnio against Nate's wishes and goes forward with the pregnancy- their miserable marriage hanging in the balance. Keith works long hours with Roger. David is stuck as King of the Brats. Durrell doesn't want Keith and David to see his vaguely gay school play. They go anyway. Claire and a dorky lawyer at work eyeball each other. Federico is frustrated by bitchy Vanessa's bedroom frigidity. George, who's already engaged again, wants a quickie divorce. Ruth goes insane and warns George's new fiancée about his nuttiness.

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Desperate For Gay Sex?

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry told appreciative fans at Outfest 2005, a gay and lesbian film festival, it's inevitable that the show has a gay sensibility.

Cherry is gay and so are several of his writers, making it only natural that the gayness translates on-screen, albeit in subtle ways. He also says that a lesbian storyline could emerge sometime in the future, but viewers shouldn't look for the show to jump on a soapbox.

The ABC soap had emerged as the runaway hit of the past TV season.

Mitchell Not a Fan of Sudan

NBC's diplomatic correspondent Andrea Mitchell was dragged out of a room by Sudanese bodyguards Thursday for questioning President Omar el-Bashir about his involvement in the country's violence.

Big, burly armed guards painfully wrenched the 5-foot-3 Mitchell's arm behind her and was escorted away after- heaven forbid!- asking questions!

Mitchell was part of a press contingent accompanying Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on her visit to the war-torn African country.

Afterward, Mitchell said she was "angry, embarrassed, humiliated" and upset that she had become part of an attention-getting incident. "Reporters don't want to become part of the story," she said.

But we TV bloggers LOVE it!