Saturday, July 23, 2005

Geeks of the Week

The fine folks at the highbrow World Wrestling Entertainment get the nod this week.

After receiving hundreds of complaints about an episode that aired the day of the deadly London bombings, which featured an Arab-American character Muhammad Hassan involved in activity that offended Arab-American groups, the company announced it would discontinue the character on its inexplicably popular SmackDown! program.

Its characters in blackface will be allowed to continue appearing.

Will & Grace: Live

For the Will & Grace's final season premiere, the cast will do the show live, NBC announced yesterday.

The cast will perform the episode twice, once for each coast. We're not really sure how this makes the show funnier- or, come to think of it, funny at all. In fact, we're still flummoxed by the show's umpteen Emmy nods last week.

The show will make its season debut on September 29.