Monday, July 25, 2005

Tonight's Tube

On The Travel Channel tonight, we have the yin and yang of reality. First, an author travels with empty pockets, relying on others' kindness to pay his way, on Stranded, With Cash Peters. Yawn.

I will admit, though, I'm excited for Travel Channel's Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. If it's half as good as his Food Network fun fest, A Cook's Tour, it'll be worth watching. Especially if he eats a few more bugs, lizards and still-beating cobra hearts.

Reality Bites- But Does It Repeat?

Will Survivor repeats rack up ratings on cable?

Starting with the first episode this week, OLN will begin showing all nine existing seasons. Together with GSN, which also just began showing repeats of The Amazing Race, the two smallish cable channels will test whether there is an audience for repeating reality shows.

Hell, I won't even watch 'em when they're new. But that's just me.

NBC Chief: "We're Number Four!"

NBC's programming honcho Kevin Reilly admitted that the network may not rebound completely in the coming season.

"Odds are we're not going to see a ratings difference," he said. But the 'Cockers are looking to fix what's broken.

Significant changes will be made to Joey, with Matt LeBlanc's character finally making it in Hollywood. No word on whether they'll actually make it funny. The network also has high hopes for new sitcom, My Name is Earl, which has tested well with focus groups. (So did Father of the Pride, by the way).

Critics Love Their ABC's

The Television Critics Association has dealt out its annual awards, and ABC came up big.

Desperate Housewives was named program of the year, and Lost nabbed awards for outstanding new program and for outstanding achievement in drama.

ABC's Nightline also was honored, receiving the Heritage Award.

Fox's Arrested Development also won its second consecutive award for achievement in comedy.

99 Words Under: "Singing For Our Lives"

Here's our 99 word recap of the latest episode of Six Feet Under.

Brenda has a check-up and doesn’t tell Nate. They bicker. Durrell takes several joyrides in Keith’s truck, and pulls a knife when Keith tries to punish him. Keith’s solution? A family vacation! Claire sees old friends when she brings her dorky lawyer to a gallery. Later, she makes out with him in the office supply closet. Evil Vanessa continues to shit on Federico. Giddy Ruth reconnects with Hiram and beds him in a fit of lust. Nate opens up to mopey Maggie, and after they do the nasty, Nate collapses! Heart attack? Stroke? Not sure, but dammit, it’s depressing!

The Geek In Chief writes 99 Words Under, a weekly recap of TV's mopiest show Six Feet Under, every Monday.