Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The New TV Guide Is Coming

TV Guide growing up- sort of.

The ubiquitous supermarket tabloid is relaunching itself as a large format magazine with fewer TV listings and more emphasis on lifestyle and entertainment. It's also slashing circulation by two-thirds.

This sounds like a way to make money- not.

The new TV Guide, which launches Oct. 17 issue, will contain 25 percent listings and 75 percent stories- the opposite of its current ratio.

Just as long as they keep that super tough crossword puzzle intact...

Crap Sells, But Who's Buyin'?

One of Jennifer Aniston's former boyfriends- when they were both teens- is auctioning off letters, notes, pictures and other crap in his possession from the former Friends.

Michael Baroni, a California lawyer, claims he had a summer romance in 1984 with Aniston and remained longtime friends until Aniston hit it big. The eBay auction begins July 29- with a ridiculous $100,000 reserve.

Who would actually spend $100k of their hard-earned money on this flotsam? Why not just light it on fire?

Stern's Demand

Howard Stern continues to explore new ways to deliver his show to the masses.

Stern, whose popular radio show will head to Sirius satellite radio in January, is in talks to offer his show On Demand for Comcast cable, sez Television Week.

The service would allow him to telecast daily uncensored versions of his show. Of course, viewers would have to pay for it. But who wouldn't pay to see unedited versions of "It's Just Wrong?"

Those Motherfucking Cocksuckers Ready To Work

In the next few weeks, cameras will start rolling for the third season of HBO's Deadwood.

Producer David Milch reportedly is thinking about adding the character of Wyatt Earp to the cast.

The new season is set to debut sometime in 2006.