Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Al Loves Disney

ABC Sports mainstay Al Michaels will move with Monday Night Football to ESPN for the 2006 season. Michaels will be joined in the booth by analyst Joe Theismann and sideline reporters Suzy Kolber and Michele Tafoya.

Michaels spurned NBC's overtures to stay knee deep in Disney dollars. This allows him to keep his seat as the play-by-play voice of ABC's NBA games and playoffs.

Oh yeah, and presumably the private jet as well.

NBC will now apparently kick the tires of a Marv Albert or a Tom Hammond to join John Madden in the booth.

TLC Gets Martha

Martha stewart will continue executing her new plan for world domination- on basic cable.

The new syndicated talk show Martha will be rebroadcast on the cable network TLC.

Presumably, Court TV wasn't interested.

TLC will rebroadcast the show in the early evening on the same day and date as the syndicated broadcast.

Sydney Will Be One Knocked Up Knockout

Jennifer Garner won't let a little pregnancy stand in Sydney Bristow's way.

ABC says they plan to write the kid into Sydney Bristow's storyline. "We are going to embrace the fact that she's pregnant," ABC programming chief Stephen McPherson said.

Oh, goody. Another opportunity for them to further ruin a once great show.

Garner is carrying the demon seed of annoying husband Ben Affleck. Alias returns September 29 for its fifth (and presumably final) season in a new Thursday night time slot.

Banfield is Back!

Everybody's favorite bombshell reporter is back.

Former NBC and MSNBC anchor Ashleigh Banfield has been hired as a guest host for Court TV's daytime news coverage.

Hopefully she'll refrain from her formerquestionable reporting practices, like playing hacky-sack with space shuttle crash debris.

ABC Announces Some Premiere Dates

ABC plans to stagger its fall season premieres, starting Sept. 12. Here's the big list:

Monday, Sept. 12
8 pm: Wife Swap (season premiere): new day and time

Tuesday, Sept. 20
8 pm: According to Jim (season premiere, one hour): new time

Wednesday, Sept. 21
9 pm: Lost (season premiere): new time
10 pm: Invasion (series premiere)

Friday, Sept. 23
8 pm: Supernanny (season premiere): new day and time
9 pm:. Hope & Faith (season premiere, one hour)

Sunday, Sept. 25
7 pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (season premiere, two hours)
9 pm: Desperate Housewives (season premiere)
10 pm:. Grey’s Anatomy (season premiere)

Tuesday, Sept. 27
9 pm: Commander in Chief (series premiere)
10 pm: Boston Legal (season premiere): new day

Wednesday, Sept. 28
8 pm: George Lopez (season premiere, one hour): new day

Thursday, Sept. 29
8 pm: Alias (season premiere): new day and time
9 pm: Night Stalker (series premiere)

Sunday, Oct. 2
7 pm:: America’s Funniest Home Videos (season premiere)

Tuesday, Oct. 4
8:30pm: Rodney (season premiere): new time

Wednesday, Oct. 5
8:30pm: Freddie (series premiere)

Friday, Oct. 7
9:30pm: Hot Properties (series premiere)