Thursday, August 11, 2005

American Liable?

The creators of Million Dollar Idea- a syndicated reality show about inventors- are suing American Idol's Simon Cowell and ABC, alleging that they stole their show's premise and title.

Wow- one reality show stealing ideas from another? How shocking! If this is illegal, than shouldn't the entire programming department of Fox be behind bars?

Survivor's Lovable Losers

The new cast of Survivor will start off with two losers- actually, castways who were thrown off the last season.

Survivor: Palau's Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard will get a second chance because the two had been members of Ulong, the worst Survivor tribe of all time. Is this supposed to make me feel bad for them?

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Gary Hogeboom will also be a contestant on the new Survivor: Guatemala, which will premiere in September- right before the first installment of Vito's Survivor 11 in 99, oddly enough.

Supersized Season Six of Sopranos?

Bada BING! Looks like HBO plans to make the last season of The Sopranos count.

Apparently executive producer David Chase is finalizing a pact with HBO to produce as many as 10 additional episodes for the upcoming sixth season. HBO would then air the episodes in two batches.

Of course, this could trigger new contract talks with star James Gandolfini, who has a history of tough negotiations.

Season 6 is set to premiere in March.

Peter Jennings: “I’ll Beat Cancer”

Late ABC anchorman Peter Jennings believed he would beat lung cancer- until the very end.

His ex-wife, Kati Marton, told Inside Edition, "He fought like a tiger, the way he fought for every story,” his ex-wife, Kati Marton, told "Inside Edition. “He really thought he was going to beat this."

In a classy move, ABC will keep their evening newscast titled World News Tonight with Peter Jennings indefinitely.

CNN's American Morning: "We Don't Do Windows"

Citing overuse of morning show streetside studios, CNN's American Morning is ditching theirs to move into the network's newsroom at the Time Warner Center.

The new, windowless version of the show, which recently axed Bill Hemmer and replaced him with Miles O'Brien, will launch Aug. 22.

It's the latest shakeup for Morning, which last month replaced Bill Hemmer with Miles O'Brien, who now hosts with the unrelated Soledad O'Brien.

"There are five other morning shows on that look exactly the same," said CNN's U.S. president Jonathan Klein. "Our morning show is clearly a newsy alternative."

Bochco Looks To Keep Things Civil On Fox

Steven Bochco is laying down the law again.

Nearly 20 years after he created L.A. Law, Fox has ordered a Bochco pilot for a legal drama that will revolve around a single, high-profile civil court case.

Sound like Murder One, the brilliant but underwatched 90’s drama? Sure, only this one will also emphasize the personal lives of everyone involved. Plus, there’ll (presumably) be no dead guy or bald, gruff lead attorney.

West Wing Goes Live

NBC's The West Wing is planning a special live episode this season, showcasing a presidential debate between Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda. The live show would likely air sometime around Election day.

The fading drama, which is likely in its last season and moving to Sunday nights, is spinning this season's storyline around the campaign to replace Martin Sheen's President Josiah Bartlett.