Monday, August 22, 2005

Lost Cause

A Los Angeles writer is suing ABC and producer Touchstone Television for stealing his idea for Lost.

The writer, Anthony Spinner, claims he was hired by Sid and Marty Krofft Productions in 1977 to write, produce and develop a script for a TV program to be produced by ABC that was- oddly enough- titled "Lost." It, he says, was about airplane crash survivors struggling to survive in a jungle filled with strange creatures.

Gee, sounds like there's no resemblance.

He wants a "written by" and "created by" credit plus royalties, producing fees and a percentage of the profits. Ouch.

99 Words Under: "Everyone's Waiting"

Simply said, this season of Six Feet Under has been an entirely maudlin exercise in gut-wrenching depression. So I eagerly looked forward to the finale, not because I gave a shit about what happened to this whiny bunch of simps, but because I wanted to get on with my life. In fact, I’d been joking all week that I hoped the entire cast dies in the finale. Not only did I not expect it to happen, but I didn’t expect it to happen like this: in brilliant fashion, creating one of the most touching, memorable and creative endings of all time. I won’t ruin it with a half-assed review- it truly must be seen to be appreciated. It’s too bad we had to sit through the last two mediocre seasons to get it.

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